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Top Food Influencers in NYC

Jun 12, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

From Michelin-starred restaurants to gourmet street vendors, just about every cuisine is represented in New York City. It’s a city known for its culinary culture – and its food influencers. These influencers cover a range of food-related topics, including restaurant reviews, recipes, food tips, and more.

Here are the top food influencers in NYC covering everything from exciting new restaurants to emerging food trends to innovative recipes.

Christine Yi


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Source: Instagram

Christine Yi is one of the top NYC food influencers. She shares a lot of restaurant reviews with captions that include vivid descriptions of the flavors and things to expect when visiting these spots. She also creates content around her own Korean home cooking and promotes her own CY Eats Mala Chili Oil.

Meg Radice & Aubrey Jongens


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Source: Instagram

Meg Radice and Aubrey Jongens are a pair of NYC food influencers who provide first-class immersive experiences through high-definition videos and captions. Together, they own the VIP List, a lifestyle agency that shares the taste of luxury metropolitan lifestyle through refined reviews.

Jessica Hirsch


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Source: Instagram

Jessica Hirsch is a food influencer who showcases dishes with large servings specifically for indulging on “cheat days.” Her competitive nature turns every big meal into a challenge to finish them all by herself. Though cheat days often apply to dieting, Jessica doesn’t allow counting calories or dieting in her content.

Morgan Raum


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Source: Instagram

Though a picky eater herself, Morgan Raum promotes the best meals in NYC. She calls her Instagram “diary of an extremely picky eater” and offers down-to-earth endorsements of her favorite spots – picky eater approved.

Jeremy Jacobowitz


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Source: Instagram

Jeremy Jacobowitz runs an Instagram account, the Brunch Boys, to share his food adventures all over the world. He lives and works out of NYC, however, and often shares trade secrets of the top NYC restaurants – including secret menu dishes and hidden burger gems.

Sydelle Anderson


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Source: Instagram

Sydelle Anderson is a famous NYC food influencer who’s known for broadcasting sweet treats and drinks. As a highly popular content creator, Sydelle ensures that her media perfectly balances sweet and salty treats. She offers paired food suggestions in NYC for every food craving.

Brian Lindo


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Source: Instagram

Brian Lindo can’t stop eating, or at least that’s what his Instagram says. Nothing distracts him from pursuing new flavors on his Instagram and TikTok pages, including hidden treasures from obscure restaurants with dishes no one has ever heard of.

Vallery Lomas


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Source: Instagram

Vallery Lomas is not an ordinary foodie. She’s a published baking enthusiast who won an award for her skills. Her recommendations are among the best in the industry, whether they’re restaurant dishes or ingredients for home baking.

Kylie Mazon-Chambers


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Source: Instagram

Kylie Mazon-Chambers has a diverse Instagram feed with dishes ranging from pasta to rice meals for home cooking. She also promotes her cookbook, Share and Savor, which features a range of delicious appetizer recipes.

Lori Luo


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Source: Instagram

Lori Luo aims to be a “best food buddy” with Instagram content that includes crispy or vibrant food shots. Her skill with visual content and editing images and videos produces immersive video content that highlights the restaurants she visits and recommends.

Greg & Rebecca


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Source: Instagram

Greg and Rebecca of Devour Power are two dedicated food influencers who quit their jobs to share their gastronomic journey on their social media accounts. With plenty of time on their hands to pursue food, they often promote the best food spots in NYC.

Alexandra Romanoff


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Source: Instagram

Alexandra Romanoff has an Instagram page, One More Dish, to share her world travel and culinary adventures both within NYC and in global destinations. Each of her travel tours includes restaurant and food highlights as well as a dish recommendation.

Ben Hon


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Source: Instagram

Ben Hon runs the “Stuff Ben Eats” Instagram account. Part competitor and content creator, Ben is an NY foodie who spends his time seeking out the best indulgences, including the best roasted duck in the city, the saltiest caviar, and more.

Stephanie Perez


Source: Instagram

Stephanie Perez is a mom and food influencer who ensures her followers eat healthy, delicious dishes with her NYC recommendations. She spends a lot of time on food expedition and tastes all kinds of dishes to give follower the best food spots and local dishes.

Mike Chau


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Source: Instagram

Mike Chau won the “Best Dad Award” for involving his daughter, Food Baby NY, in his culinary adventures. Together, the two visit diverse restaurants and food spots in New York to sample new dishes and cuisines, leave food reviews, and include specific details to help people make informed decisions.

Vivian Huang


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Source: Instagram

Vivian Huang has a gift for finding the best restaurants in New York City, which is how she rose to influencer fame. Her Instagram showcases restaurants with unique dishes and ambiance to help people new to the city find good eats.

Jen Balisi



Source: Instagram

Jen Balisi is one of the top influencers because she seems to truly enjoy all the food she samples. Even basic food like pepperoni pizza or a cheeseburger seem gourmet with Jen Balisi’s touch. She also has a cookbook, Indulgent Eats, that features over 60 recipes for home cooking.

Rayna Greenberg


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Source: Instagram

Rayna Greenberg of One Hungry Jew is a true food lover and world travel who uses her food adventures to inspire her blog. She’s worked in many restaurants and has a degree in journalism that make her an exceptional content creator and restaurant reviewer for NYC hot spots. Much of her content focuses on food-specific topics, such as where to find the best burgers, and categories like the best restaurants to go on a date.

Olia Saunders


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Source: Instagram

Olia Saunders is a food and lifestyle blogger who runs PS.NY with her daughter, Lara. Her Instagram began as an account for her poodle, Cookie, and now features prime vegan recipes, travel photography, and a lot of pictures of Cookie. Her authentic NY style comes through in every post.

Judy Kim

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Source: Instagram

Judy Kim is an established food stylist and photography working in New York. She develops recipes and has her own recipe column with Delish, as well as a personal blog, The Judy Lab, which is a compilation of food photographs, recipes, and videos. The highlight of the blog is the recipes, which are organized into categories like savory, sweet, and seasonal.

Jackie Gebel


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Source: Instagram

Jackie Gebel is a true culinary lover who found food while studying hospitality management and marketing in college. As she learned the ins and outs of food and the industry, she began her own New York-based food blog, No Leftovers.”

Danyelle Freeman


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Source: Instagram

Danyelle Freeman created her blog, Restaurant Girl, in 2005 as a response to the “anonymous critic,” which was a big trend for restaurant reviewers at the time. She built her career since then, eventually releasing her first book, Try This: Traveling the Globe Without Leaving the Table. She’s since gained incredible guest spots in publications and food-related television shows.

David Ma


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Source: Instagram

David Ma began as an advertising creative but eventually transitioned to a food influencer. He combines his expertise on the two subjects to become a “freelance foodie-for-hire” with popular food publications and networks. Aside from creating content, David also creates original recipes, food styling, and directing. His website, The Food Freestylist, features video and photo samples of his food-related work.

Discover the Best Foodie Influencers

These New York-based foodies aren’t all food experts, but they do have the ideal combination of personal branding, marketing acumen, and a true love of food. They all share innovative approaches to incorporate their foodie culture into content, whether it’s videos, food styling, polished photographs, homemade recipes, or restaurant reviews. They’re the perfect fit for any restaurant or chef looking to make an impact in the culinary world. 


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