Spotify Creates a More Customized Experiences With Short-Form Video Feeds

Mar 30, 2023

Even Spotify has adapted to the explosion of short-form video content and has recently revealed its app redesign with its own adaptation of the ever popular TikTok “For You” page.

The app update includes a myriad of new features, including “Smart Shuffle” for playlist recommendations, and even new featured centered around podcasting, and an AI DJ feature, but the feature garnering the most attention is the vertical “Discovery” feeds, which Spotify created with the intention of cultivating a more interactive experience.

While users won’t have access to Spotify’s new features immediately, the roll-out is expected to complete over the next several weeks, and some will only be available to Spotify Premium members. The short-form video experience, however, wil be available to both free and paid accounts.

But, Spotify isn’t becoming solely another video app social media site. In the new app design, users will login and find their shortcuts as always, but as users scroll down, full-screen video previews (which can be perused on “mute”) will be visible.

These clips, however, are only previews of albums, playlists, and singles. If the user finds something they deem interesting, they can tap to begin listening or save for later listening.

This feature will apply to audiobooks hosted on Spotify as well.

Do We Really Need Another Short Form Video App?

But, how well will this update be received, especially with the TikTok-ification of virtually every social media platform from Instagram and Snapchat to Reddit and YouTube?

So far, a quick Twitter search for the term “Spotify update” returns reviews that are skewed towards an overall dislike of the new TikTok-like feature. But, then again, these reviews are on Twitter, which is one of the only social apps left to not try to become the next short-form video giant.

One benefit of adding a visual discovery feature to Spotify is increased accessibility. Those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing often enjoy music as well, and a visual element can help artists reach and connect with people who otherwise wouldn’t have found them.

Plus, those who have found Spotify’s in-app features for discovering new music difficult to navigate, this update could simplicity and enliven the experience.

So, will Spotify’s addition of short form video be a boom or a bust?

Time will tell.

What Does Spotify’s Discovery Feature Mean for Music Marketing?

Regardless of whether or not users are pleased with the new Spotify update, it will undoubtedly mean that artists will need to put more emphasis on video marketing in order to get discovered. For small-to-midsize artists who already struggle to generate streaming revenue–or for older music that wouldn’t make sense to release a music video for–this could intensify the challenge of visibility on the platform.

We predict that music influencers and accompanying UGC campaigns will see a rise in popularity as a direct result of Spotify’s new short-form video Discovery feature, as this type of marketing is multifold: influencers already have an engaged audience, and UGC will play a role in the creation of video content for Spotify artists.

When Can You Expect to See Spotify’s Update on Your Device?

At the time of launch, the release of Spotify’s newest features are mobile only, with plans to release on new devices in the future, and rollouts to mobile starting immediately.