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An award-winning influencer marketing agency serving the world's most respected brands.



We partner with our clients to deliver fully-managed, innovative, human-to-human influencer marketing campaigns.



Influencer campaigns designed around the objectives and KPIs of each client.

Hands-On Talent Curation Process

We source based on benchmark metrics and follow an extensive validation process, that extends far beyond the parameters of popular lists and databases.

Innovative, Award-Winning Strategies

We design trend-worthy concepts that help audiences discover your brand organically, while building emotional connections that drive consumer behavior.

White Glove Campaign Execution

We are fully engaged and committed from Day 1 to deliver a seamless experience between influencers and brands throughout the duration of each campaign.

Best-in-Class Performance Reporting

We provide customized analytics, and a team of Data Scientists that provide insight for maximizing ROI along the way. Agency white-labeling is available.

  • Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines partnered with HireInfluence to create awareness and drive pre-sales tickets for the airline’s first-ever flights to Hawaii through use of influencer marketing. Our team was tasked with inspiring a lust for travel by utilizing influencers to show off the beauty of the islands while capturing some of the real-life emotion that happens on a vacation to Hawaii.

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Muse Awards | 2021

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Ad World Masters | 2020

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Vega Digital Awards | 2020

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NYX Marcom Awards | 2020

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Shorty Awards | 2020

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“This is very impressive. We are very happy with how everything netted out and we really appreciate your partnership throughout.”

Southwest Airlines

“Really great results. We’re working on educating the organization and I think these results tell a strong story.”

Community Coffee

“Not exaggerating when I say the best account lead for a vendor influencer program – and trust me, I've worked with quite a few.”

Payless Shoes

“We are definitely pleased with the results. Thanks so much for your hard work on this!”

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Influencer marketing Agency/Agencies

What Is an Influencer Marketing Agency? 

What Role Does it Play in Your Online Visibility?

Hireinfluence is at the top of the list of influencer marketing agencies that gets your brand promoted when your target demographic (customer) watches TV or reads the newspaper for information or advice before purchasing your products.

Here are some of the Influencer services for which Hireinfluence is very well known:  

Instagram influencer marketing agency

global influencer marketing

influencer marketing strategies

target audiences

influencer marketing companies

Influencer marketing services

full-service influencer marketing

Hands-free influencer campaigns

influencer marketing agency

Hireinfluence sets the standard. This company is where Fortune 500 companies go to access social media and video Influencers in order to effortlessly promote products and services. Influencer marketing is probably the most powerful word of mouth marketing methods available in the world today. 

Important: Hireinfluence is the best choice, according to hundreds of successful clients. Get a hands-free campaign using highly vetted Influencers with massive followings. These young, unique, creative Influencer individuals have massive social media followings and are shaping the marketing industry as we know it today. 

Highest Reviewed Influencer Agency: Hireinfluence is the primary influencer marketing agency behind some of the most powerful influencer marketing campaigns ever launched. 

Choosing the Influencer Marketing Agency for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is a potent, effective way to market your business.
With a whopping 92% of people trusting recommendations from friends and family over other forms of marketing (Nielson Research), influencer marketing simply makes sense.

Think of it this way; considering that tried and true statistic, any brand who is brave enough to promote themselves is only reaching 8% of the marketplace, and that does by any means they are reaching the right audience, or even getting their attention.

Since we agree that influencer marketing makes sense, let’s take a look at why an influencer marketing agency is not only useful but almost crucial nowadays.

Many brands recognize that influencer marketing is the way to go. In 2015, 84% have set aside a budget to engage in influencer campaigns. We know more than anyone that it takes a village to lead a successful influencer campaign. What are the biggest challenges brands are facing when they set out on the influencer trail solo?

Our latest infographic shares that two-thirds of all brands get stuck before they even begin; they are unable to even identify the right influencer for their brand or campaign. Dead in the water before you begin is less than ideal, and it continues to remain bleak from there for brands who choose to go it alone.
Fear not, influencer marketing agencies TO THE RESCUE!

Approaching an Influencer Marketing Agency:
You have decided to hire an agency to have an unbelievably successful brand-influencer campaign. Where do you turn? Begin with you.
Think about the goals of your brand and the campaign you wish to launch.

Here are some questions to get started:

1. Do you want your campaign to remain strictly online, or have a campaign that includes live events and can go offline?

2. Are you a brand that will be satisfied with one or two of the right influencers distributing your content, or do you want a team of influencers Tweeting, Instagramming, Periscoping, Facebooking, and sharing your vision over multiple platforms over a long period of time?

There are influencer companies that are one-size-fits-all, setting you up with an influencer campaign in a standard manner.

Key Features Every Brand Needs in an Influencer Marketing Agency
Let’s face it, all entrepreneurs know that spending time and resources on business activities that take your focus away from your main specialty is not only an ineffective business strategy, it is a potential recipe for disaster in the end. You are a successful businessperson. It’s not that you can’t learn how to run an influencer campaign all by yourself, and all the nuances of doing so.
• Is this task worth my time, dollar-wise?
• Can I hire a person or agency to do this for me more effectively, for a fraction of the price that it will cost in the end?
• Is it worth taking my valuable/invaluable time and attention away from running my business to emailing influencers (and other menial tasks unrelated to what I do best)?
• How much would I benefit from running the entire campaign on my own
Conclusion for many: Considering the average ROI of an influencer campaign stands at about $6.50, it’s a savvy business decision to hire an influencer marketing agency to take the reigns.

Influencer Marketing Agency: Key Features & Benefits
If you do reach a conclusion to hire an influencer marketing agency to run your next influencer campaign, you have made the first of many decisions. Next, it’s time to choose an agency. An influencer marketing agency that thinks the world of ourselves, we understand there are other agencies out there with a unique approach to offer. Today we will review key features that influencer marketing agencies should have as a foundation before you decide to collaborate with them.
Each business has to make enough money to stay in business. That said there are certain companies and agencies that do business for the greater good, and others that do business solely on the principle to further their own cause. When it comes to influencer marketing, you want an agency that cares. You want to find an agency that cares about the influencers they work with, and the brands with which they do business.
#ThatsHowWeDo – How do you know? Trust your entrepreneurial instincts, you can suss out the disingenuous as easily as the next savvy business person. How do we make sure we care about the brands we represent? We will only work with brands that we know and believe are a good fit for us. We want to collaborate with companies we know we can carry first across the finish line, every time.
It’s awesome to meet successful influencer marketing agencies that have their formula down, but certain formulas are, well, stuck in a sense. They are unbendable and inflexible, so when you – the deliciously unique and complex, one-of-a-kind brand that you are – bring your campaign to a particular agency or platform that is more “one size fits all”, your options are limited. Sure, some of these agencies seem to have built success on representing hundreds of thousands of influencers or hosting a massive influencer platform, but how “responsive” is that platform and how applicable can anyone feature be to you and your needs?
#ThatsHowWeDo – At HireInfluence we pride ourselves on running campaigns that are all one-of-a-kind. We do not have any pre-packaged or canned campaigns to fit the needs of customers, because we know how crucial the details of a brand’s vision, voice, message, tactics, and campaign methodology are, and that they will change from one campaign to the next.
Whether we like it or not, social media, influencer marketing, branding, and business is a game of numbers. There is absolutely no way to gather information about a campaign’s success without metrics. Likewise, no company can launch a campaign without influencers in place with whom they have first chosen, engaged, negotiated payment, arranged content and set contracts. Many influencer agencies have some type of process for running their influencer campaigns, but do they share with you what it is, and what exactly is it? Is the process thorough enough and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you feel comfortable taking part in it?
#ThatsHowWeDo – At HireInfluence our primary focus is to bring brands our 7-Step, Results-Driven Process, which is a highly organized, managed, and documented environment designed to have an impressive, conversion-focused impact. Why? We know the one thing that matters at the end of the day, and at the end of your campaign, are the results.

Each campaign incorporates the fundamentals of building buzz, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions. Rather than a “brand to influencer dating service”, we take a hands-on, fully customized approach to each and every campaign objective.
Outreach and promotion efforts are executed using our database of Influencers and proprietary software (AdvoWire). We study a 360-degree footprint of each Influencer recommended to a brand, including a 6-month history of their posted content. Information such as most frequently used keywords, frequently used hashtags, content engagement ratios, follower validation, etc are considered.
If you are a company interested in our services, determine your campaign purpose, budget, and goals; then put the HireInfluence Team to work for you.
Once we receive your campaign specifics, we tap into our industry knowledge to identify the best-fit social talent for your needs. We scour our own validated database as well as a spectrum of niche channels and verticals to uncover the top personalities in your space that meet all campaign criteria.
We don’t end our exploration until we have exhausted every available resource – so you can rest assured your brand messaging will be shared by the most influential, niche-appropriate Influencers available.
If you’re beginning your search for an influencer marketing agency, we would be happy to talk to you about your goals and needs! Reach out to us: [email protected]


Hireinfluence provides a variety of highly successful Influencer services. Additionally, Hireinfluence is the best agency to use if you are making the transition from traditional advertising to the highly successful Influencer campaigns found inside buyer-active online communities.

As an Influencer marketing agency, Hireinfluence will help you understand the pitfalls and misconceptions of the following Influencer marketing campaigns: 

  • Influencer Sourcing – Some Influencer agencies have a network of influencers at their disposal, while others seek them out on a case-to-case basis, but the principle stays the same – they’ll choose the most suitable content creators on behalf of your brand. You need to be very careful who you choose to work with these Influencers. Relationships take years to develop in order to get you the best “stretch” of exposure throughout the vast Influencer social media and web networks. 
  • Influencer ContractNegotiating – A high-quality influencer agency will also handle all the negotiation that goes into organizing a prized Influencer- including discussing their rates, and finalizing influencer contracts.  Hireinfluence will also make sure the influencer fully understands the goals of a brand that activates an influencer marketing campaign or service. 
  • Influencer Strategy Development – With your brand’s objectives in mind, Hireinfluence will develop an Influencer marketing campaign strategy that’s sure to maximize target audience reach and engagement.
  • Influencer Campaign Marketing Management – Hireinfluence will take care of business from start to finish, including running Influencer ad campaigns, approving influencer’s posts before they go live. HI will also and communicate with the influencer throughout the marketing campaign.
  • Influencer Marketing Reporting – Once the campaign has ended, an influencer marketing agency (Hireinfluence is probably the best) will do all of the hard analytics and math for you. They will give you a clear report on post-influencer-campaign analytics.

And although influencer marketing campaigns may vary depending on the brand’s needs, Hireinfluence uses 5 key performance indicators that cause your brand to stand out as the most. These include:

  1. Influencer Product Placement – The idea is pretty simple – influencers are asked to include the brand’s logo, products, or service into their social media or blog posts. This is all part of a highly successful marketing campaign. Note: Hireinfluence has set the standard on how to properly activate such campaigns. 
  2. Themed Or Hashtag Influencer Marketing Campaigns – In these types of campaigns, influencers create content around a hashtag or a central theme, and, more often than not, ask their followers to throw in that hashtag into their posts, as well.
  3. Contests And Giveaways Promoted by Influencers – The goal of these marketing campaigns is to inspire user engagement through exciting giveaways and contests promoted by social media influencers. Please see to learn more about these highly sophisticated campaigns and/or methods, because many things can go wrong without a professional Influencer Giveaway Campaign. 
  4. Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Grow Social Media Following – Hireinfluence is the most well known for setting up marketing campaigns are designed to skyrocket the number of followers a brand has on their social media channel, be it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook, and is particularly useful for new-founded businesses. 
  5. Creative Influencer Campaigns – Hireinfluence also incorporates the “Influencer Freedom Campaign” which allows influencers the freedom to show off their creativity through authentic content, and, at the same time, conveys the brand’s message. For instance, an influencer may decide to include a brand’s product at the end of a video, or in the middle of a gaming video. For example, an energy drink getting opened and drank by the famous influencer on Twitch. 

So, now that we have these covered, Let’s move on to the actual comparison list of influencer marketing agencies that have been helping brands rock the online world for years now!

The Top Influencer Marketing Agency 2021: The Best Of The Best

Before we go any further, and someone gets mad at us for putting their agency at the bottom of our list, we’d like to point out that this is a round-up assembled without any particular order in mind.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here are the top influencer marketing agencies in 2019!

How did Make Influencer Digital Marketing History?  [Read More]

Influencer marketing media growth has a very strong growth using online as which I served annually with an influencer digital media spend at 50% growth in 2011.

A strong increase in influencer marketing stems from many businesses who are now employing something called online influencer behavioral advertising to organize advertisements for internet users and social media users on Twitter Tik Tok and many or other organizations. this sometimes raises concerns about consumer privacy and data protection. Hireinfluence uses only the most Advanced Technologies.

Influencer digital marketing is also called sometimes online marketing or influencer internet marketing or influencer web marketing. the term influencer digital marketing has become popular only over the last 10 years. In the United States, online influencer marketing is still commonly called social media marketing. And Italy and France, digital influencer marketing is referred to as web marketing influences.

Digital influencer marketing has become more sophisticated over the last 10 years. There has been a proliferation of social devices capable of influencing people’s digital media personally. Influencer marketing automation has helped several companies and agencies segment customers using segmented approaches. Many influencer agencies are launching multi-channel marketing campaigns like Hireinfluence.

There are several social media platforms that escalated the need for influencer marketing approaches by Hireinfluence Inc. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Tik-Tok, and many others cause consumers to be very dependent upon influencer Electronics in everyday life. The change of social media Behavior caused influencer marketing agencies to engage and diversify with new influencer marketing Technologies with Hireinfluence Inc.

In the 2000s, many increasing numbers of social media users were influenced by the birth of the iPhone and the Android. People begin searching for and making decisions about their needs online for the first time. There was no longer any need for a salesperson or brick-and-mortar stores. This created a new problem that later would be exploited by influencer marketing agencies. A survey in the United Kingdom found many search engine retailers had not yet registered a domain address. many problems like these caused marketers and influencer marketing agencies to find new ways to provide branding and digital influencing Technologies.

In 1990 the term digital marketing was the only term related to influencer marketing that was coined. It was the beginning of server-client architecture which built the web. There was the popularity of personal computers and social media was not yet popular. For the first time customer relationship management technology and applications became a huge factor for marketing firms. There was a lot of competition which forced marketing vendors to include many services in their software. One of these Services as an example would be Sales and Service applications. Marketers who are not yet influencer marketers were able to own huge online databases. This paved the way for influencer marketing agencies like Hireinfluence Inc.

The development of digital marketing paved the way for influencer marketing as we know it today. Digital marketing historically has been Inseparable from technology development. One of the main events that gave rise to the digital marketing Revolution happened in 1971. A man named Ray Tomlinson sent his first email and this set the stage for email as a technology leading to much greater things such as social media. Most people will remember this being the start of digital marketing in 1990. Hireinfluence Inc has been a part of this digital marketing influence our Revolution since the very beginning. Perhaps you will remember the search engine name Archie which was used to index FTP sites. it is also important to remember that it wasn’t until 1980 that the storage capacity for computers was big enough to store massive volumes of information. Suffice it to say Hireinfluence Inc is one of the best influencer marketing agencies out there.

this summarizes the history of digital marketing and influencer digital marketing for the masses. please see Hireinfluence Inc if you have questions about how to build one of the most effective influencer marketing campaigns available in the world today.

Wrapping It Up

Bear with us; we tried to create a comprehensive guide to today’s leading influencer marketing agencies here – and one both brands and influencers themselves would find useful, too.

Before you go about your day, let us know if you collaborated with one of these agencies in the past, and feel free to share your experience with us – maybe you end up helping someone choose the right influencer marketing agency for themselves!

Q: What is an influencer marketing agency?

A: Influencer agencies typically represent a range of talented content creators with an influential audience. The agency will serve as a liaison between these influencers and brands who are looking for help creating or promoting their marketing campaigns.

Q: What is an influencer marketing platform?

A: An influencer marketing platform is any digital space where a user can attract an audience of scale to promote content for marketing purposes. Popular influencer marketing platform examples include Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Q: What is influencer management?

A: Influencer management is generally the act of providing services to marketers and influencers involved in executing influencer marketing campaigns. This typically involves services like influencer identification, relationship management, or campaign measurement.

Q: What are influencers in marketing?

A: While somewhat nebulous to define due to varying opinions, influencers are content creators on digital platforms who have attracted a large or influential audience and are leveraging their audience to promote marketing materials.

Q: Who are the influencers in social media?

A: Social media influencers are content creators who have attracted a large following on any given social channel. Often, influencers reach audiences with specific interests such as fashion, food, travel, or lifestyle.

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