Influencer marketing in the skincare space has propelled the at-home routine to Hollywood heights.

With the social media explosion over the last few years, the beauty industry has climbed in both reach and influence, driving buyer decisions in a previously unknown direction. 

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube scrollers get to experience immediate results, tutorials in real-time or watch long-term transformations right from their phone. All while feeling like they’re getting an “inside scoop” on what their favorite influencer is using in their daily life or what’s the next “big thing.” 

These influential content creators have shifted the way people shop, how we become familiar with brands, and how the buying public is educated about product use and styling techniques. 

Hubspot reports that 71 percent of buyers are more likely to purchase after a recommendation from a content creator on social media.[1] That’s almost three-quarters of the marketplace. 

Social media has turned brands into educators, not just marketers. The storytelling that influencer marketing weaves into their content organically amplifies the value of your product, far more than an ad. 

Did you know that 75 percent of people don’t trust ads?[2] It’s clear that your beauty brand would be far better served with influencer marketing in the skincare space. Here are a few tips for success before getting started. 

Get to Know Your Influencer

A follow and a DM isn’t enough. Do your homework about your influencer, show you value what they bring to the table, and strategically build a genuine relationship. Get to know them as a person.

This doesn’t mean you just look at all the shiny likes and follows and jump into an agreement with someone you like. You should also get to know their level of influence. 

  • What have they sold before? 
  • What are their engagement rates?
  • Who follows them back?
  • What is their multi-platform reach-potential?

For your product to have the most success, you need to find someone with the same or a similar target audience as your brand. Thoroughly vet their previous content to make sure they’re someone whose content and style align with your brand’s values and mission. 

Influencers have created an entirely new storefront and beefed up those living room parties, essentially blowing it up to global proportions. Treat them like the savvy entrepreneurs they are. 

Give Your Influencer Creative Freedom

This is what they do, you’re hiring them to do what they excel at for your brand. Don’t limit their effectiveness or authenticity by restricting their creative control. 

They’ve already built trust and established credibility with their audience, you’re just borrowing it. Your influencer will know how to engage and inspire their following and move them towards buying action. 

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the expert and then not listening to said expert’s advice! Give them the opportunity to share their ideas or what they envision. Who knows? Maybe they’ll give your entire campaign a new direction or ideas for an entirely new product launch. 

They have the eyes and ears of the people — lean into their innovation and see what happens. 

Fake Social Is Dead — Raw, Sensory-Driven Storytelling Is in

Your influencer must be an authentic creator, your campaign must be authentic to your brand and who you are as a company. People know they’re being sold to, but they want to feel a connection first. You can’t do that by only showcasing unrealistic standards and disingenuous content. 

Enough celebrity influencers have been exposed for inconsistent or inauthentic product sharing to set the standard for what NOT to do. Buyers are smart and can easily sniff out a counterfeit.

Seek out diverse talent that comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and cultures! Part of what makes influencers successful is their unique perspective, their spin. That’s why their followers continue to follow, continue to engage, and continue to buy. 

Friendly Influencer Marketing: Your New Storefront

Micro influencers often have higher engagement rates because they’re able to connect on a personal level with their audience members. 

Responding to comments, replying to messages, and sharing a glimpse into their personal life are all ways influencers overcome the stranger hurdle and have created a whole new category of “friends.” And friends talk about the products and services they trust on a daily basis, up to as many as 90 times per week![3]

Influencer Marketing in the Skincare Space: Your Beauty Brand’s Best Bet

Influencer marketing is the grown-up version of “show and tell.” With skincare and beauty products, it’s one of the most effective ways to show off your product’s best features. Leveraging a skilled influencer in the skincare space could propel your products into the hands of a new generation of buyers.