Instagram is an amazing platform where you can have fun interacting with your love ones and learn about other people all over the world, too! With millions of active users every day, you can grow your popularity and raise your connections here easily, all the while expressing your passion, may it be food, traveling, or your loved ones!

The social media platform is also home to many influencers, who use this as a way to branch out and share the products and services they sponsor. And shockingly, they can make a LOT for every sponsored post they make! Wondering who the top Instagram influencers are and how to become one? Read on!

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Hireinfluence’s List of Top 25 Instagram Influencers


With the many Instagram influencers around today, which ones are on the top tier and earning millions already? It’s pretty difficult to measure just how influential they are, though we came up with a list of those who are very influential in their respective niches. Here are the top 25 Instagram influencers you can follow today:

  1. Huda Kattan

    Just like many popular Instagram influencers, Huda Kattan is a beauty blogger, one of the most famous ones worldwide! Many influencers and bloggers move to Instagram for more reach, as it’s an ideal medium when it comes to showing off short videos or photos of their makeup and other content. Huda is known for her reviews and makeup tutorials, even showing off makeup trends and creating her own. She now even has her own makeup line and makes money through her business and from sponsorships. With 23.8 million followers and thousands of posts with millions of likes combined, you can see why she’s one of the best and top influencers in the beauty sector today.

  2. Zach King

    Zach King is an internet personality, whose videos caught the eye of many from YouTube and Vine. He’s known as a popular YouTuber who creates hilarious videos, also sharing some personal posts from time to time. Similar to the likes of Cameron Dallas, he’s a YouTube star who turns to Instagram when posting about his life and other sponsorships. With 19 million followers and just as many subscribers, expect a lot of videos on his feed! Besides his videos, he’s also a writer and currently has a book on its way to being published.

  3. Michelle Lewin

    Fitness is one of the popular niches to follow today. After all, everyone wants to be fit and healthy, needing the motivation and tips to do it. This is where fitness influencers like Michelle Lewin come along. She’s actually a Venezuelan model but now South Florida-based, one of the huge stars in the world of fitness. Amazingly, her follower counts across all social media channels grow by 20,000 daily! On her website and social media accounts, you’ll see a variety of products, workouts, and tips on how you can start becoming fit.

  4. Nash Grier

    Nash Grier is another Internet personality who rose to fame with his interesting and viral videos. He started off with Vine back in 2013 when he was a high school freshman, sharing a house with Cameron Dallas! He’s now still a YouTuber and an influencer, with over ten million followers on Instagram. Today, he’s released mobile games and apps such as Mobli, Challenge, and Cash Dash. He also has town own website for merchandise and has partly designed a clothing line from Aeropostale. Currently, he continues to become an influencer and entertainer, having live tours around New Zealand and Australia.

  5. Chiara Ferragni

    Another interesting niche many people look up to is fashion. Seeing the beautiful colors and fashion pieces consumers can purchase makes a great way for brands to sponsor popular fashion influencers like Chiara Ferragni. She’s an Italian born but New York-based fashion blogger and designer, and a very famous one at that! She’s worked for Guess as a spokesperson and model, but now has her own fashion blog and almost ten million followers on Instagram. Chiara’s also collaborated with fashion designers like Christian Dior, Steve Madden, Chanel, and more of the classic in the industry.

  6. Nikkie de Jager

    Nikkie de Jager is also known as nikkietutorials on Instagram and based on her name, you already know what to expect! She’s well known for her posts and how-to’s on her makeup for the day, providing the details (and products) she uses on putting together fantastic looks. She’s a Dutch vlogger based in North Carolina, also a YouTuber who loves to vlog about makeup and lifestyle. She focuses more on YouTube but now has almost eight million followers on Instagram, which is what makes her one of the top influencers on the platform.

  7. Camila Coelho

    Camila Coelho is a blogger from Brazil, focusing more on beauty and makeup. What’s unique about her is that she posts in English and Portuguese, also providing helpful travel tips that promote Brazil and South American countries. And with over six million followers, she’s an inspiring travel junkie with an eye for beauty and style, which is why many people adore her! She works with a lot of beauty brands, and you can tell if she was sponsored as many of her posts are marked “sponsored.” Expect a lot of posts on people and places she’s traveled in!

  8. Mariano Di Vaio

    In this day and age, it’s not surprising to see amazing male bloggers and fashion designers. Mariano Di Vaio is one of these amazing male Italian bloggers, who’s also an actor and fashion designer. His blog, the MDV Style Blog, is very popular and covers all kinds of topics related to male fashion trends, tutorials on dressing up, as well as hairstyles for men.You can see that he promotes these posts across his social media accounts, including on Instagram where he has almost six million followers. He’s collaborated with brands like Omega, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss.

  9. Jay Alvarrez

    What many will like about Jay Alvarrez is that he’s all out and adventurous! He’s born and raised in Hawaii, and just like many Hawaiians, lives for surfing and the outdoors! When you check his Instagram feed out, you can already see all the amazing feats he’s done, mostly about surfing or other forms of daredevil acts like skydiving. While he’s best known for his travels and sports activities, he’s also a music producer who also has his own YouTube channel documenting his adventures and skills.

  10. Joanne Gaines

    Joanna Gaines is best known for being the hosts on a famous television show based on designing: Fixer Upper. The show focuses all on the renovations she and her husband Chip have done, being the owners of Magnolia Homes, a renovation business. Her husband Chip contributes to the real estate knowledge and experience, while Joanna provides the designs. Naturally, her Instagram shows all her designs and love for her work, using it to take photographic records of her filming, the results of the home, and the process that goes on behind it.

  11. Murad Osmann

    Murad Osmann is widely known for his photography and excellent skills on camera. He’s a Moscow-based Russian photographer and executive producer, best known for his renege of “Follow Me” images he’s been doing since 2011. If you check out his Instagram, you can see that most of his posts are a woman facing forward, dragging the viewer (or Murad) along with scenic locations all over the world. His photos have become very famous that many people (especially travelers and couples) now follow it on their own as well.

  12. Julie Sarinana

    Julie Sarinana focuses on both fashion and lifestyle, being a blogger for almost ten years. Her blog, Sincerely Jules, started out as just a simple creative outlet that turned into a very popular blog on fashion and design. From start until today, her aim is to create and post beautify content which helps her fans achieve their own goals. Her Instagram is used to promote her blog and has a lot of beautiful imagery and motivation in it. You can also shop for her merch on her website!

  13. Marcus Butler

    Marcus Butler is another Internet personality whose popularity grew from being a YouTube vlogger. He’s best known for his comedy videos and posts, with him having millions of subscribers and views. He’s now an influencer sponsored by many brands and his fame has given him success offline, with him being a part of television appearances (like celebrity Masterchef). Today, he has almost four million followers on Instagram and is also known as one of the most influential tweeters in Britain. Expect a lot of funny and aesthetic content on his Instagram.

  14. Chris Burkard

    Chris Burkard is known to be a talented artist and photographer located in the California Central Coast. He’s best known for his excellent photos on landscape, travel, surfing and outdoor. His approach on the photo’s subjects is unique, using a photojournalistic viewpoint and with the natural lighting techniques that make his photos loved by many. Even if he’s from California, Chris loves going for cold subjects and has been taking photos in countries with the harsh weather and environment. Because of his amazing skill, he now has a following of almost three million people.

  15. Dr. Mike Varshavski

    We all have our share of cute doctors, and if you’re looking for one of the hottest you can find on Instagram, then the first thing that pops up is Dr. Mike or Mikhail Varshavski. He’s a third-year family medicine resident, and once described as the hottest man on Instagram, as well as the sexiest doctor alive! Because of his good looks and expertise, he’s grown quite a following and continues to post on Instagram, showing his life in medical school, residency, up until becoming a doctor.

  16. Tai Lopez

    Tai Lopez doesn’t have a particular niche, but he’s well known for his promotional giveaways, which is what makes him so popular on Instagram. He’s known to give away laptops, cars, cash, and other high-end prizes! How does he do it? It’s all business, as he works with dozens of multi-million dollar businesses, being a partner, consultant, advisor, or investor for them. Besides this, he’s been using the Internet to motivate people and businesses towards success, with a book club and podcasts to help people out.

  17. Emily Skye

    Emily Skye is another fitness blogger, having her own website where she would post all about things related to fitness, from tips to product reviews. She also created a F.I.T. program, which aims to improve women’s health and have them lose weight the right way while toning their bodies. As a successful blogger, she now has quite a following on Instagram, with over two million followers and counting! You’ll see a lot of fitness-related posts, from workout routines, features of fit people, as well as motivating captions and sponsored posts.

  18. James Charles

    James Charles is one of the most influential beauty vloggers, popular on YouTube and other social media accounts for his unique personality and situation. He’s a male spokesmodel for beauty products and cosmetics, one of the first male spokesmodel for various companies like CoverGirl.As a young influencer, he embraces social media and continues to take on sponsors from popular companies, posting all over Twitter and Instagram. You can see how talented he is, posting various pictures of him in his makeup for the day.

  19. Joe Wicks

    Joe Wicks is a male fitness coach, well-known around Britain because of his best-selling cookbooks and being one of the hosts of the television show, The Body Coach. With his popularity on print and television, he now has almost two million followers and currently uses it to promote his website, as well as fitness and healthy eating. He also created his own workout and diet program for fat loss and health in mind. You’ll find a lot of motivating quotes and helpful tips on his feed.

  20. Ingrid Nilsen

    Ingrid Nielsen is a beauty vlogger, more popularly known as Missglamorazzi on YouTube. She actually started vlogging back in 2012, with the aim of not growing any popularity, but to simply overcome the fear of speaking in public. Her channel then quickly grew until she became a beauty guru with over four million subscribers on YouTube and almost two million followers on Instagram! She now works with CoverGirl and was once a judge on Project Runway. Her Instagram is filled with posts of her makeup looks and other lifestyle-related content.

  21. Louis Cole

    Louis Cole is popular for his YouTube videos, focusing more on travel and adventure. He has daily vlogs which document his life, as well as the places he’s traveled to. You’ll see that he’s into adventure, with his videos and images focusing all about the beauty and nature of the world. On his Instagram, you’ll see many beautiful images (he’s a photographer, too!) that documents all his travels. It’s his adventure-driven life, attitude, and creativity that makes him a popular influencer to follow!

  22. Meghan Rienks

    Food influencers on Instagram are very popular to follow because of the mouthwatering dishes people love to see on their timeline! One of the famous food and lifestyle influencers is Meghan Rienks, who’s been blogging for over six years. She doesn’t only share amazing food images (she bakes a lot!), but she also loves to share her personal life as well, which is what makes everyone love to follow her. On Instagram, you’ll see a lot about her life and whatever she has in her oven that day.

  23. Julia Engel

    Julia Engel is a fashion influencer from Charleston, also owning a famous blog called Gal Meets Glam. To this day, she’s one of the most popular Instagram fashion influencers and bloggers. As she continued to rise from her college days, she now has over a million followers on Instagram and her own dress line! She’s also partnered with infamous brands like Tory Burch, Coach, and Gap, which has even strengthened her reputation and following online.

  24. Will Taylor

    Will Taylor is best known for his beautiful posts and talent in interior design. When scrolling through his feed, you can see posts related to design, style, and travel, which is what many people love to see today (nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing feed today). Besides being an Instagram influencer and design consultant, he also volunteers and organizes volunteering activities near him. Now with over two million followers, he still continues to follow the trends and creates his own!

  25. Alexa Chung

    Alexa Chung is one of the top Instagram fashion influencers today, with over three million followers. She’s the one who made Peter Pan collars and overalls look amazing and elegant for women! Besides starting that cool fashion trend, she also has her own clothing line, partnered with Marks and Spensers and AG Jeans.

Wrapping It Up

Becoming a successful Instagram influencer takes a lot of hard work and passion. If you want to be one, make sure that you develop your niche and following, then you’ll be able to grow slowly but surely. The results will definitely be worth it in the long run!

I hope that this article on the top 25 Instagram influencers helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these accounts for more inspiration now! Read our list of top mommy blogger influencers.

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