Top Parenting Influencers (Updated For 2023)

Aug 15, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

Last updated August 15, 2023

When we look for top brands and find what we need for our little ones, we look for recommendations and reviews from fellow parents. It’s the reason why your social media feed might be filled with popular moms showcasing and reviewing various products and services made for babies and children. It helps you out while entertaining you with their banters and jokes. (See also: definition of an influencer)

But did you know that there are so many other mommy influencers you can follow right now? If you’re wondering who they are, then read on! I’ll be talking about the top 30 mommy influencers to look at right now. Our influencer marketing company has researched these content creators to find some of the best online! Follow along as we go down the list of top mommy influencers.

List of Top Mommy Influencers for 2023

Whether you want to take inspiration as a budding mommy influencer or need more lovely women to follow, check this list of the top 30 mommy influencers out! They offer a ton of promise and awesomeness for your entertainment and information:

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard, known for her blog Cup of Jo, is a top mommy influencer and lifestyle blogger who began her website as a creative outlet back in 2007. Once it began to build momentum, she flipped it into her full-time career.

Today, she still blogs and has over a million visitors every month, in addition to 263k followers on Instagram and 60k followers on Twitter. You’ll love her take on life as she handles topics on parenting, travel, design, and women’s lifestyle, showcasing seriousness with a bit of humor and wit. Plus, her photos are top-notch!

Joanna Goddard top mommy influencer

Source @cupofjo

Ilana Wiles

Ilana Wiles, or mommy shorts on Instagram, is a mother of two daughters living in Manhattan with her family. Just like many Instagram influencers, she has her own mom blog where she shares her personal stories about the parenting life, doing interviews with parents and icons, as well as information and tips on how to survive the parenting life.

This is her full-time job after losing her former position at an ad agency, and with her earnings as a blogger and Instagram influencer (with over 150,000 followers), she’s able to have fun while sustaining her family! She’s also a writer and an author of a great parenting book.

Ilana Wiles mommy shorts on Instagram

Source: @mommyshorts

Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is also widely known as @dooce, who’s one of the original parenting influencers of our day. She began her blog over twenty years ago in 2001, blogging about kids and family from infancy on.

Heather still keeps her blog going and has added a bestselling book and her own podcast as well as merch for parents. With over 1.3 million followers on Twitter and 43k on Instagram, this influencer continues to educate, inspire, and entertain parents and have them laugh over her wit and humor. These attributes are why she continues to be a top influencer today!

Heather Armstrong original parenting influencers

Source: @dooce

Louise Pentland

Louise is a UK-based top mommy influencer who leveraged her following of over 5 million followers on Instagram, and YouTube combined into a mommy-centric empire. Her content promotes body positivity and plus-sized fashion, joyous child rearing, and travel.

The delightfully colorful content creator has also authored several books and hosts a podcast, Mothers’ Meeting with Louise Pentland. She regularly partners with brands including Sky, Home Sense, and Very.

Louise UK-based top mommy influencer

Source: Louise Pentland

Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark, like many mom or parenting influencers, started with a diary-style mom blog. Her adventure was titled Barefoot Blonde. Amber’s online influencer journey began when she was just a broke college student in her 20s and has evolved into the top mommy influencer she is today.

She lives with her family, a husband, four kids, and a dog, in Hawaii. Amber shares beach life, parenting stories, adorable kid photos, and a mix of fashion and beauty content with over 1.3 million Instagram followers. Amber is also the founder of Dae Hair, a clean hair product line, and BFB Hair extensions.

Amber Fillerup Clark diary-style mom blog

Source: @amberfillerup

Jessica Shyba

Jessica Shyba is a busy mom of six and still manages to write an award-winning blog and look fabulous doing it! Her blog, Momma’s Gone City, chronicles the life of being a parent in The Big Apple. It all began in 2009 as a means of keeping in touch with family across the country. Over ten years later, she’s grown a community of over 367k thousand Instagram followers in addition to blog subscribers.

She is also the author of two children’s books titled “Naptime for Theo and Beau” and “Bathtime for Theo and Beau,” inspired by the relationship between her son and their adopted dog. Jessica shares content related to parenting in the city, teen parenting, travel, and their big family lifestyle.

Jessica Shyba award-winning blog

Source: @mommasgonecity

Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi Laditan is a top mommy influencer with a blog, Honest Toddler. Her approach started out to show the inside look of a toddler’s mind, an adorable and unique perspective as an influencer. Today, she runs @honesttoddler and has published several books with Zondervan.

Bunmi shares inspirational and faith-driven parenting content in the form of memes, hilarious captions, and adorable photos on Instagram for over 122k followers.

Bunmi Laditan@honesttoddler

Source: @honesttoddler

Naomi Davis AKA Love, Taza

What started as a parenting blog, Love Taza, has blossomed into a parenting and lifestyle content creator. Naomi Davis started her online journey over ten years ago. Now, she has five kids and over 425k Instagram followers.

The blogger-turned top mommy influencer and author moved her family from New York City to sunny Arizona. Naomi creates a wide range of content from parenting and travel to fashion and desert lifestyle, as well as highly adorable and curated family photos.

Love Tazan parenting and lifestyle content creator

Source: @taza

Denene Millner

Denene Miller is the mom behind the popular blog, My Brown Baby, which launched in 2008. This is a beautiful site with a unique and heartwarming twist. It isn’t just about parenting but also covers crucial issues that concern parents with children of color.

Denene gained popularity for her advocacy and wrote the children’s book entitled “My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children.” She is also the author of megastar Will Smith’s book, Fresh Princess.

Though this rising top mommy influencer takes a serious stance on real issues, she also shares humorous content and family photos for over 12k followers on Instagram and 14.9k on Twitter.

Denene Millner the mommy blogger

Source: @mybrownbaby

Elle Walker

Elle Walker is one half of the mom team behind “What’s Up Moms,” a mommy and parenting channel on YouTube. With over 3.4 million subscribers and over 70 million views a month, she is definitely among the top mommy influencers and reportedly the #1 parenting account on YouTube.

Elle shares hilarious cultural parenting videos, mom hacks, activities and crafts, organizational tips, and general parenting content on YouTube as well as for her 69k followers on Instagram. Their channel works with multiple brand partners, including Aveeno, Goodnites, and Dyson.

Elle Walker  “What’s Up Moms,” a mommy and parenting channel on YouTube

Source: WhatsUpMoms

Meg Resnikoff

The previous entry begs the question, who’s the other face behind “What’s Up Moms?” That would be Meg Resnikoff, a mom of three and another top mommy influencer in her own right with 47k followers on Instagram.

The Whats Up Moms profile on Instagram has amassed its own 123k followers and shares meme-style education and humor, all pointing back to their long-form YouTube content.

Meg is the foodie of the group and has leveraged their channel into brand deals with partners, including Simple Truth Plant Based Foods.

Meg Resnikoff

Source: MadewithMeg

Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas is a natural mom blogger who founded Mama Glow; a community mainly focused on healthy pregnancy and births. She also blogs regularly about parenting and wrote a book titled “Own Your Glow.”

Her platform of healthy living from pregnancy to parenting has made her very popular in the crunchy mommy world, with over 137k followers on her personal account and 50k for MamaGlow. Latham is a yogini filled with soul, wanting to share her love as a parent AND for her passion for yoga and writing.

Latham Thomas natural mom blogger

Source: @GlowMaven

Amy Morrison

Amy Morrison is a mega blogger and top mommy influencer. She is the founder of Pregnant Chicken and lives in Toronto with her family. Follow along with over 305k other Instagram followers and 103k Pinterest Followers to fall in love with her quirkiness, witty humor, and down-to-earth realness.

Amy shares hilarious pregnancy and parenting-related captions, lovely photos, and memes that many moms relate to. She also promotes content collaboration and shares user-generated content with the hashtag “#pregnantchicken.”

Amy Morrison  mega blogger and top mommy influencer

Source: Pregnant Chicken

Rachel Stafford

Rachel Stafford is a parenting influencer and blogger who founded Hands-Free Mama. Hands-Free Mama is an inspiring journey that viewers follow along as Rachel focuses on making memories, not completing to-do lists.

In addition to authoring five books, she shares her parenting lessons and insights, inspiration and motivation, recipes, as well as encouragement, and tips with over 40k Instagram followers and 12k followers on Pinterest.

Rachel Stafford parenting influencer

Source: @HandsFreeRevolution

Jennifer Anderson AKA Kids.Eat.In.Color

Jennifer is a mom of two as well as a registered dietitian. She offers parents valuable help for picky eaters by sharing kid-friendly recipes, mealtime tips, and science-backed tricks for over 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Jennifer offers several free resources on her website along with helpful tricks to help moms and dads grow healthy kids. Shep sells meal plans and full recipe books to help families eat a healthier diet. Jennifer has been featured on Good Morning America, Today’s Parent, and PBS Kids.

Jennifer registered dietitian


Ginger Parrish

Ginger Parrish is a fashionable mommy influencer with three boys and is the founder of the blog, Parrish Place. She’s collected over 230k Instagram followers, in addition to her blog subscribers, and artfully shares parenting, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content.

Her highly-curated and gorgeous feed showcases gorgeous photography, beautiful design, inspirational motivation, and family adventures. Ginger is also the founder of Gigi Pip hats, a hat life “For the woman who wears many hats” with its own 280k followers.

Ginger Parrish fashionable mommy influencer

Source: @gparrish

Irene Khan

This beauty content creator turned mommy-focused influencer is a globally recognized personality. The mother of two beautifully blends family fun, rich cultural influences, luxury travel, as well as beauty and fashion to share with over half a million Instagram followers.

On her YouTube channel, she shares long-form video content related to pregnancy, beauty, parenting, and hair care for over 258k subscribers.

Irena Khan beauty content creator turned mommy-focused influencer

Source: @irenesarah

Sia Cooper

Sia Cooper is a mommy fitness and parenting influencer and founder of the blog, Diary of a Fit Mom. Her content blends health and parenting with whole-body wellness showing moms how to stay fit even with parenting duties.

She shares about her own health and pregnancy journeys, fitness tips, healthy eating recipes, workout exercises, and body positivity inspiration for her 1.1 million Instagram followers. She has partnered with brands including PatPat swimwear, Bellesa personal pleasure devices, and StreetStrider, the moving elliptical bike.

Sia Cooper is a mommy fitness and parenting influencer

Source: DiaryofaFitMommyOfficial

Hannah Carpenter

Hannah Carpenter is a freelance illustrator and mom of four. She shares content on how to manage family life and a career, filling a niche for all the working moms out there. Her 123k Instagram followers get a raw but inspired look into their family life and adventures with older kids.

She also sells her Little Biscuits Notepads, an artistic outlet for kids to combine art and fashion while dressing a new generation of paper dolls. Hannah has partnered with brands such as TicTac, Blue Buffalo dog treats, and Green Light Card.

Hannah Carpenter freelance illustrator

Source: @hannahcarpenter

Julianna Miner

Julianna Miner is a hilarious blogger known for her rants on being a mom tagged #RantsfromMommyland. Her content consists of venting about the difficulties and issues being a mom can present as well as the value and joy of having little ones around.

What started as a channel to express herself turned into a complete 18k-strong community that deeply connects with her perspective. Julianna is also a Top Contributor to the Today Parenting Team and is the author of Raising A Screen Smart Kid.

Julianna Miner hilarious blogger

Source: RantsFromMommyland

LaDonna Dennis

LaDonna Dennis is one of the original mommy influencers to hit the internet with her blog back in 2006. Five years later, in 2011, she created the community Mom Blog Society, using her influence to connect with various parent bloggers and share their works around the world.

Today, the award-winning Mom Blog Society has over 13k followers on Instagram and over 70k followers on Twitter. Ladonna and her team have been heavily featured in major media outlets, such as MSN and USA Today.

LaDonna Dennis

Source: MomBlogSociety

Janel C. and the A Mom’s Take Team

Janel C. is the primary blogger and owner behind A Mom’s Take, one of the four co-founders and writers that were originally all from the Phoenix area. Now they span the country, and together, they share a variety of topics focusing on parenting, from cooking, fashion, quick tips, and everything in between.

Janel’s personal Instagram has a small 4k following, while their Facebook page has collected over 18k followers. Pinterest and Twitter take the cake for A Mom’s Take with 48k and 64k, respectively.

Janel C. primary blogger

Source: Janel at A Mom’s Take

Kat Bouska

Kat Bouska is a Seattleite and the blogger behind Mama’s Losin’ It as well as the YouTube channel, MamaKatTV.  She has been in the blogger and vlogger world since 2007 and has grown her subscriber base to over 48k on YouTube.

Kat is known for her irreverent and sarcastic take on parenting, life, and family with a humorous edge. She’s also a talented musician and shares her music as well, though less frequently. Kat’s personal Instagram account has also collected over 10k followers, in addition to blog subscribers.

Kat Bouska Seattleite blogger


Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle is a bestselling author, activist, and philanthropist, as well as global inspiration. In addition to writing Untamed and Love Warrior, she is the host of the We Can Do Hard Things Podcast and founder of a nonprofit, Together Rising.

As if that weren’t enough to catapult her into top mommy influencer status, she also created Momastery, an online blog and community where moms can connect and share their parenting tips or join together in a safe place to rant. She shares inspirational encouragement, parenting insight, with over 1 million Instagram followers.

Glennon Doyle global inspiration

Source: @glennondoyle

Rachel Hollis

Initially, Rachel Hollis’ goal for her blog was to simply promote her day job hosting celebrity weddings and events. But then she learned what a powerful tool it was to show up authentically and remain true to herself online. She gained more connections as a host and decided to take her talent online.

Today, she’s reached over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 177k subscribers on YouTube, where she shares family and fashion inspiration. To truly launch her into top mommy influencer territory, she has also authored 3 New York Times best-selling books. Rachel primarily shares what she knows best: going from style life to real life and parenting.

Rachel Hollis

Source: @MsRachelHollis


LaTonya is a talented blogger, mom, and visual storyteller who loves to share photos of fashion, home decor tips, as well as design and parenting inspiration. Her blog and Instagram feed offer advice and insights on style, motherhood, wellbeing, and community.

An advocate for black culture and anti-racism, Latonya isn’t afraid to use her platform for causes she believes in for her 87k Instagram followers and over 5k Pinterest followers. She is also the author of Woman of Color and the children’s book, The Hair Book.

LaTonya talented blogger

Source: @latonyayvette

Cindi Leive

Cindie Leive has stacks of credentials to boost her position as one of the top mommy influencers, though she doesn’t fit any traditional mold. Cindie is a journalist and former editor of Glamour Magazine, as well as a social activist who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions.

With over 96k followers on Instagram, she advocates for increased gun control, against family separation and racially driven violence, among several other causes. Other than her work and her philanthropic work, this mom influencer loves to share about her family and the fashion industry.

Cindi Leive

Source: @cindi_leive

Heather Murphy Raines

Heather Murphy-Raines is a Seattle blogger and foodie behind the blog United States of Motherhood and has over 21k followers on Instagram and over 36k on Twitter. She shares authentic and raw content about her personal life without the varnish of fake perfection.

Heather talks about all things related to the realities of motherhood, her inner conflicts, positivity, and her love for her family and their dogs. She is also considered a social commentator who speaks on the issues and events facing families in our nation.

image9 3

Source: @ScoutsHonor

Wrapping It Up

When following an awesome mommy influencer, you won’t only know about the latest offerings in the parenting world, but you’ll be entertained, educated, encouraged, and inspired along the way.

These content creators are talented people with the power to influence, helping fellow parents know how to cope with parenting struggles, what to buy to make life easier, and creative ways to raise their children. To see the top furry friend content creators, also read the top pet bloggers.

To learn more about these top mommy influencers, give them a follow on social media or subscribe to their blogs. Get inspired and entertained! If you have questions or want to share your favorite influencers with us, please comment below! We’d love to know more!


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