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Jun 3, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are growing fast. Revenue is expected to reach $1,601.00m in 2023. By 2027, it’s projected to grow 18.55% for a total of $3,162.00m.[1]

Along with that, influencer marketing for NFTs and blockchain is booming. There are numerous influencers offering advice, trends, and emerging projects, including new NFT launches from brands.

What Is NFT Marketing?

Like any other product, NFTs are sold based on promotion. But with NFTs, generating buzz and attracting audiences is essential to standing out in a saturated market. NFTs are like any other collectible, so they only have value if they’re sought after.

Influencers can play a vital role in hyping new NFT projects. These social media influencers have audiences on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and more, providing an eager audience to hear about little-known upcoming NFT launches and discover the next Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Snoop Dogg


social media influencers

Source: Instagram

Snoop Dogg is a music legend and household name. He’s gotten into the NFT space with his first NFT, The Journey with the Dogg, and promptly released more NFTs like Snoop Doge coins and Deez Nuts. Snoop also owns a crypto world on The Sandbox, which is known as the “Snoopverse.” Users who purchase his “Snoopverse Early Access Pass” can experience the Snoopverse before anyone else.

Kode Abdo


 digital artist

Source: Instagram

Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic, is a digital artist who sells his artwork after minting it into an asset. Some of his work includes the official poster for Avengers: Endgame. He launched his own personal art collection, Genesis, in 2021. He’s sold 2,042 artworks at a value of over $5 billion.

Mark Cuban


 prominent businessman

Source: Instagram

Mark Cuban, prominent businessman and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, is an NFT influencer with a huge audience on his social media accounts. He’s produced his own digital art for his team. The players are issued their profile pictures as digital art, known as “The Mavs.” For each game, 2,000 digital assets are minted and rewarded to fans.

Gary Vaynerchuk


leading Twitter influencers

Source: Twitter

CEO of Vaynermedia and one of the leading Twitter influencers, Gary Vaynerchuk gained attention in 2017 when he promoted the Cryptopunks art collection and sold them to celebrities like Logan Paul and Mr. Beast. Aside from promoting the hottest NFTs, he also created his own assets by the name of the VeeFriends. His own art doodle, Empathetic Elephant, sold for $412,500.



 popular NFT investor

Source: Twitter

Pranksy is a pseudonym for the popular NFT investor with the most extensive collection of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. He’s invested in Noob, Stoner Cats, Cryptokitties, Hashdemons, and Art Blocks. He had a humble start with a $600 investment, but his net worth is now around $1 billion. Along with crypto, he is the owner and co-founder of NFT Boxes, a venture that combines high-quality NFT collectibles in a single bundle for 0.65 ETH.



 Social media influencer, crypto trader, and YouTuber

Source: Twitter

EllioTrades is a social media influencer, crypto trader, and YouTuber in the crypto industry. He shares a wide range of crypto- and NFT-related content, including trading strategies, play-to-earn games, and investing advice, leading to a diverse audience of users.



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Source: Twitter

Murat Pak, also known as Pak, is a digital artist, programmer, and asset investor. He introduced an internet Bot called Archillect that gained 2.9 million followers, which is designed as a mood board with posts and images. His first work, Cloud Monument Dark, was released in 2020 on SuperRare. His most famous NFT work, The Merge, earned $91.8 million in 2021.



O4XqCSf6VkDsl7epAyzhYgthu1 8sTAoAxpQB8EqNvXIvhA46 AkxiL7vd7uI9zjp5PEzF2D9OxikAEPoyB

Source: Twitter

Farokh Sarmad is the CEO of Goodlife Media Communications and one of the youngest social media crypto influencers. After participating in the NFT rooms on Clubhouse, he collaborated with the app to host rooms with over 6,000 people listening at one time. He then rose to fame, growing to social media accounts with audiences of almost 50 million.



9qstwRUfzNRl7WKAoOe5qqUW03IVVkNnMWgpuwl0B1lSStpcdAdz dzTsY5ixnrFgq1j8RNTmOqRNmaZb1hH3qS9ITUZ9f2UUeBnvCfDpbybeModyYEXD5e KZf6zFBthm6J3pW NrOdB9z

Source: Twitter

gmoney.eth is an NFT influencer who has amassed his own online collection of NFTs that he purchased for 140 Ethereum, which is around $1,700 USD. On his social accounts, he shares information about his own experience purchasing NFTs and insights into the industry.

NFT Times


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Source: YouTube

NFT Times has accounts on several social media accounts, but it’s mostly active on YouTube and creates content to help others in the NFT space. Some of the examples of topics NFT Times covers include ‘How to Make Your NFTs More Desirable” and “How to Promote NFT Art Using Twitter.”



a9dCotA qfLYc4 47zCoCjLCd dpnn6d SHT55QEt qlz J9fgyWXXd8nPVi1ceiCwWiQ UNq4sVPQzysotfs8ERUxWT9ypvK 2wLvl1uHMoXBysuu01TKDz rlUITkkmkU7Lkujdkzl9A

Source: Twitter

OhhShiny is a another NFT influencer with a mission to make decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible. The profile photo is also an NFT. OhhShiny shares a lot of information about the NFT industry, especially for beginners.



09829Mqk2 pfo7FEAF5WvYi9131PWk3sksFGwso6OY olzlvkv1l5kabrpyQVQzL0D4InW6aFbrSZj9CFkk8huadjYyVRvRYuG9sGngOqTiegkEPu6xvdqBGoCDgYqHAj IO 5pf3s0gPGmz

Source: Twitter

i1mmy.eth is an influencer and entrepreneur within the NFT industry. He’s created a range of businesses, including an NFT Q&A product to an NFT marketplace for people to buy and sell NFTs. He’s a collector himself as well.

The Bitcoin Express


WZD0yXsBZuQJf3I4JnI0zEzVMu ONy8gjBMI749bMJcj4J NIcy5 QVqhefy jYgKiaqUCDMAqnSTOE4jMCmbPUE6rb4kyv7TZ8MMM28ftvWVTTfNeJXCeQT49c4wuzXRJoin7yIydmddpVc

Source: YouTube

The Bitcoin Express has a prominent online presence, including YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. The account is primarily active on YouTube and shares a lot of different types of content related to NFTs, including reviews of crypto companies.



y2A6DBUVuX6LUBjWpdxJURvJGufu6CiM TptsIO164nHBdYqa

Source: Twitter

Punk6529 is an anonymous NFT influencer with a large Twitter following and a wide collection of NFTs from CryptoPunks, Rare Pepes, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Autoglyphs, Art Blocks, and more. Punks6529 is currently working to create an open Metaverse.



b4 rAcbMbB v6GCIIWEHMUTdeO0Xs3cKOoBHx1ESTEafl8WCRm4Ui7cVyMbUCb5m0gkhxjfE1eKsKnKR5RzaEz2qvSWYzgGVS17bTCzblLxQBeQKF zcrmX3AprjM3PMPFPMnPh6Qk83ZjbK

Source: Twitter

artchick.eth is an NFT influencer and collector that promotes and buys NFTs to sell to followers. In same cases, she even gives her NFTs away in contests and giveaways, which is an opportunity for brands to generate a lot of awareness.

Devin Finzer


jFh2gROmsQDCmAOb2i7kDDOAFWZ xk YHnU6XrOYoaX6XdchkpKK1OIV5z0tW95dW817Gi6 KU5Z0iTQz3RuNPTyMck46kpAqyjLikpZi3mbR8DkM6Cp4uklL8FwUZt96Y0Gq4 RhZyB0dF

Source: Twitter

Devin Finzer is the founder of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in existence. Most of the other influencers here have OpenSea profiles to buy or sell NFTs, in fact. But Devin Finzer is extremely knowledgeable about the NFT industry and offers a lot of valuable content for people looking to get into the action.



0WIE f0DSZQg4ppLmjqJJHmN6czU3OLHjN4p hRce7KkFNaBpqif BOw5a6T1G Xhn5SDkCAlm4HE1oz0gacvgZjMvKVuzr1bIAzN7wnrKGs5iz ddXNrMvEWLKTaAyKQwdX5fatyIx5m HV

Source: Twitter

RyanNcrypto is a prominent NFT influencer who shares insights into his successful investments in crypto and NFTs. He offers tips and guidance to his audience to help them achieve success with crypto investments and often engages with brands through collaborations and contests.



Jo22I1Qpy8gY 7Pn rnOUCe57RsrNu9jhAP

Source: Twitter

ColeThereum is an NFT influencer that’s primarily active on Twitter. He uses his platform as a journal for his NFT and crypto trades. His bio also features some of the NFTs he owns. One of the reasons he’s so popular with audiences is that he’s transparent about his NFT experience, which is valuable to beginner investors.



UfUj0pYsJOkeq z93RCPOR56ovOSctmI2ibbBYp3qzfPzW1tRMP3W

Source: Twitter

Dikasso is an NFT artist and collector who showcases his collection on his Twitter bio. He’s created his own NFT collection, “Orangutang Gang,” and makes NFT illustrations of animal feet pictures to build up his portfolio.

Kevin Rose



Source: Twitter

Kevin Rose is a mega-influencer in the NFT space and boasts over a million and a half followers. His Twitter profile is an NFT photo, he’s the founder of the exclusive NFT community Proof, and he created the Moonbirds NFTs.



cWP5XKMvrQ9jvBN4IQKZS8NdduxsF6uwFWhahe lJ6y 4daihRPv02954d370xRUvTTZpiLg08Fkenz1 AygJefyl8zdm WscRBmcS9Xdq9lZi3nzBZ4uYiK1jj67bbbqAGxUqcchs7 Ano1

Source: Twitter

DCinvestor is active on Twitter, like most NFT influencers. He’s also active on Reddit and shares his opinions on cryptocurrency investing and NFT trading. Along with advice on investing and popular projects, he also shares updates on the changing landscape of the crypto industry and legislation.




Source: Twitter

DeeZe, the creator behind the DeezeFi Twitter account, is the director of, a platform to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. The influencer hosts Twitter spaces about NFTs, trends, and pricing, as well as related insights. Photographers and artists often join DeeZe to share informative content with the audience.



UZ Ds2eXk5DK5H6qk5PLeT4c2HXxQgsYMy0k75R UJYx2HjIPGtg a9gWRjxQiaoDl2P8PBcWSdS78wW9 ETP9FNrwmShRQBXGOevedTOlpNspXXrz7pKOawkVwy7NTlW5LWO MKxTzzr yG

Source: Twitter

Beanie is an influencer and successful entrepreneur who created multiple startups in the space, including the Pixel Vault, Punks Comic, and Meta Hero. Besides trading in NFTs, Beanie provides his followers with information on the crypto world. He also invests in token-related companies. One of his investments, Cool Cats, is currently worth much more than his initial investment of 100 ETH.



vaqmHZCpnqdXfk4e4L M7aXU11s9IaDIJFqoRrDqU7f THv2Rr8mPZgwTEjClFJgjsuKjyNGquf Zvzvae6Qxc545tavjJnz7huR iTA zSuW8szjgiLvEjWPwkcbJjM9 iUE8YA7tsYa5BD

Source: Twitter

RealMissNFT is a digital art enthusiast and NFT influencer who educates her audience about crypto and NFTs. Besides investing in digital assets on her own, she’s a regular contributor to NFT Plaza. Her crypto project, Metanatics, allows users to collect Metaverse collectibles of avatars and experience Web3 on platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox.

NFT Influencers for Brand Partnerships

NFT projects need a lot of marketing and buzz to get attention, boost their value, and get collectors interested in their potential. These NFT influencers are a vital part of the process, and with their large audiences and clout, they can turn an unknown NFT project into the next must-have digital collectible.




Chris Jacks is an influencer marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing sphere. As the Director of Growth Strategy, Chris oversees and drives strategic initiatives to fuel business expansion. With a keen eye for market trends and opportunities, Chris develops comprehensive growth plans and aligns business objectives across cross-functional teams. With a strong focus on crafting impactful, ROI-driven influencer campaigns across multiple sectors, Chris utilizes his expertise to enhance market positioning and maximize results.

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