At one point or another while creating your business marketing strategy or even early stage business plan, you likely considered whether it is wise to take your brand to the global marketplace.  Of course you will still focus on a niche audience, but your brand might stand to benefit from global reach for any number of reasons.  Now the time has come to put action behind thought and influencer marketing is one major focus of your marketing strategy.  It is fairly easy to “think local”, but how can you “go global” with influencer marketing?

Global Influencer Strategy

Tips to a Successful Global Influencer Campaign

Glocal is the new Black

An article in Content Standard suggests that when working on a global influencer marketing strategy, it’s important to “Think Glocally”, a highly innovative concept.  Glocal begins with “going local”, a term that resonates strongly with our current times.  Thinking locally is useful for brands that wish to remain sustainable while attracting a large, local audience.  Remaining local is great for certain companies that remain in a particular location; however, if your brand is digital, you focus on ecommerce, or you want to take your brand to the global marketplace, thinking globally is important as well.

Combining the two concepts, “Thinking Glocally” can help brands achieve strong objectives by targeting a niche audience in the global marketplace.

If we take a look at the influencer perspective, they are automatically global.  Sure, every individual is based in a particular location (except for those who travel or have multiple locations listed).  People around the world can find and follow influencers, regardless of where they are based.  Naturally language barriers create more of a challenge, but in general, English-speaking influencers span far and wide.

Who, What, Where, How

Putting together a star team of influencers whose reach is both local and global is no small feat, but possible with the right strategy and tools.  There are more than enough online resources to assist you in seeking out your golden influencers.  First, you must determine the following:

  • Target countries

Depending on the countries you plan to reach though your campaign, the influencer campaign strategy may look very different.  If all countries’ of interest are English speaking, (assuming your brand’s main focus is English speakers), then sourcing influencers takes the normal route of either seeking them out on your own, or hiring an influencer marketing agency to help out.  To learn more about finding your own influencers, read the following articles:

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  • Cultural and language barriers

If you are targeting countries outside of your company’s language and cultural reach, hiring an influencer, or multiple influencers, is a great idea.  How will you go about doing this if no one speaks Japanese, for example, and you need an influencer who reaches the Japanese markets?  The most logical, efficient, and sensible way to manage language and cultural barriers is to work with an agency that collaborates with global influencers.  Some influencer marketing agencies, like ourselves, have run campaigns in countries outside of the US and partner regularly with foreign influencers.

  • Campaign goals

Whatever goals you wish to reach with your campaign – sales, greater brand awareness, business growth, and so on – need to take a global, multi-cultural tone.  Often for those of us based in the Western hemisphere and particularly America, we are US-centric and taking a global perspective can be slightly more challenging.  That said the only way for an influencer campaign to be successful on a global scale is to include global considerations in your short and long-term goals, which might otherwise not be included in locally focused campaign.

  • Timeline

If you were hoping to execute a Glocal campaign in three months solid, maybe think twice.  While possible, this time frame might be tight and less than idea.  Involving influencers from other countries, reaching multiple foreign audiences, sharing content in different languages, and more can be a lot to manage.  Allow ample time to launch a successful campaign.

If your brand is considering a global influencer marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.  We will walk through your global campaign goals, how we can help you achieve them with a custom influencer campaign, which countries and influencers we plan to target, and more.

Email us at to learn more.  We are here to support your brand on your journey to reach the global marketplace with wild success.