Blogging has been a hit for years now, ever since the first blogging platforms were created. It helps people express themselves beautifully and gives them the audience who has similar minds and interests! Because of this, bloggers are able to share their opinions, influence thoughts, and express what they’re passionate about!

And if you’re an avid fan of fashion and the like, you may have already followed a few fashion bloggers yourself, or aspire to be one! Whether you need inspiration as a blogger or want to follow more beautiful ones, read on to learn more about the too 30 fashion bloggers! Read also about the top twitch influencers.


The Top 30 Fashion Bloggers


You’ll be surprised with just how many fashion bloggers there are and how much they can make, thanks to their influence and followers! Here are the top 30 fashion bloggers to follow and look up to now:

  1. Modest Mira

    Modest Mira is Amira, who’s a Manchester-based stylist and fashion influencer best known for her posts on Instagram. What many love about her is that she doesn’t relate to dressing revealing with style. Rather, she dresses modestly and still continues to slay with her casual-chic looks. Plus, she has her own network filled with lovely followers who know her for her positive and motivational quotes! With her peppy attitude yet stylish and sassy looks, she’s one of the top fashion bloggers you can find who still stays down-to-earth. And yes, she’s vegan and a health buff who loves to show off her life other than fashion!

  2. Slip Into Style

    Ellie is a Paris-based fashion influencer with the focus on being urban luxe. She has that beautiful sense of style that combines modern and casual looks with a touch of class and luxury. Not many people are able to match high-class with street style like her, and she loves to mix distressed denim and pops of color together. With her unique style, she’s become a very popular influencer with the envy of many, especially because she’s always in style on the streets of Paris! Now, who wouldn’t want that life, too?

  3. Frassy Audrey

    Behind Frassy Audrey is Audrey Leighton Rogers, who’s a style influencer and photographer who absolutely loves fashion. She focuses more on a vintage style, combining older pieces and giving it more of modern pop. With her skills and expertise as a photographer, she’s able to curate and photograph her vintage edit, which produces the beautiful output. You can see that most of her fashion pieces are luxury brands she soon adds to her collection. It’s her simple yet elegant fashion sense that has her turning a lot of heads.

  4. Monikh

    Monikh Dale is one of the very chic ladies known and loves around London. Besides being a fashion influencer, she’s also a model who has the talent of making high street clothes look like designer luxury brands. She has such a fine eye for fashion and knows a good brand and style piece when she sees one. With her amazing expertise in fashion, she’s able to discover all the up-and-coming brands, collaborating with them and giving these brands a name to her almost-100,000 followers! Call her hipster but in the luxurious fashion niche.

  5. Freddie Harrel

    Freddie Harrel is a very unique personality- a Parisian Brit who’s established a name for herself in the London scene. The first thing you’ll know about her is how powerful she can be, just by the way she dresses alone. She has a super chic style, combined with the winning smile. With that combination, as well as a lovely voice and the authenticity in her blogs, she’s won hearts and is a very popular influencer today. Plus, she’s proud of her natural hair and has her own beauty line, embracing beauty!

  6. Caro Daur

    Caro Daur is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Germany, who’s grown her name to the fashion industry. And now, she’s having one hell of a lifestyle today, having over a million followers on Instagram and being picked by Stefano Gabbana to walk the upcoming D&G show during the Milan Fashion Week! What’s unique about Caro is that she has no specific style. She doesn’t stick to one theme but just has fun with whatever she feels like wearing that day. That means she can model for a lot of clothing brands, may it be a luxury style to denim.

  7. Sebinaah

    Sebina Hussain is simple yet chic. She’s a content creator, a digital influencer, and a consultant, also having her own YouTube channel. She’s all out but focuses on being the perfect mom to her son Noah, but also a traveler who explores the world with her family. Isn’t that a perfect life? What makes her such an amazing fashion influencer is her chic and timeless style, as well as her inspiring account of parenting and the like. You won’t get any fake or superficial captions from this lovely mom!

  8. Katherine Ormerod

    Katherine Ormerod is an entrepreneur and blogger. She focuses on a mix of fashion, life, and her carer as a stylist and brand consultant. She has such a unique everyday style which can make anyone want to shop, probably why she’s a huge fashion influencer many brands want to work with. Plus, her Instagram is more than just fashion, but also about discovering niche brands before anyone else knows about them! From her fashion and beauty tips down to her book and career, everyone will love her chicness without the snobbery.

  9. Margaret Zhang

    Margaret Zhang is a Chinese-Australian photographer who’s also a stylist, writer, and director from New York. An amazing feat from this law graduate! It seems like she does everything, and believe me when I say she does. She’s the one who styles herself and takes her own photos, as well as consults for huge beauty brands and major fashion companies. When scrolling through her feed, you can see how versatile her style is and admire how comfortable she is no matter what she wears and where she is.

  10. Jessica Wang

    Jessica Wang is a Chinese-American fashion blogger from New York, a simple yet extravagant blogger who loves to reach out to anyone! On her blog, you get an instant pop of color that matches her style. She goes beyond the typical #OOTDs and the like, but she also posts a lot of helpful things, from style advice down to tips for budding bloggers. What sets her apart from the many fashion influencers is her unique set of photos and a daring sense of style that encourages people to be daring and fresh.

  11. Lesego Legobane

    Lesego Legobane is another amazing fashion influencer breaking boundaries. She proves that fashion influencers aren’t just those with certain body size, but plus-sized women can rock an outfit regardless of the number on the scale! Lesego has no blog, but she’s very active on Instagram, filling her feed with beautiful photography and an amazing sense of style. She also has thoughtful captions which range from fashion trends down to tips on how you can create your own style, destroying those perceptions of what curvy girls can or can’t wear!

  12. Pernille Teisbaek

    Pernille is a Danish street style regular born in Copenhagen. When looking through her Instagram account, you can already see that she’s the epitome of the sleek and Scandi style perfection. Once she launched her blog, Look De Pernille, back in 2012, she grew in popularity especially after making a new trend of raw-hemmed jeans with Gucci loafers! She’s known to start trends and look amazing in whatever she dons. Many follow her to get updates on what the next big thing is in terms of fashion and street style.

  13. Helena Bordon

    She’s one of the most fabulous Brazilian bloggers and fashion influencers around, from Sao Paulo and spreading her influence around the world! She began learning all about fashion at such a young age, thanks to her mother, who was the style director of Vogue Brazil. Even at seven years old, she showed passion for fashion as she joined her mother in fashion shows and the like. Today, she is a blogger and the co-founder of a high street fashion brand. Expect a lot of stylish clothes, beauty tips, and a lot of traveling on her blog.

  14. Man Repeller

    Many women will love the Man Repella a.k.a. Leandra Medine because of her fierce humor and strong personality. Her career kicked off with her blog, Boogers+Bagels, then decided to focus more on fashion after a friend mentioned how “man-repelling” fashion-forward outfits are. Now, she loves to post all about her fashion pieces with in-depth intel with her hilarious wit, along with some pieces on her life. You’ll learn a ton about her and what you can start putting on to repel men (kidding!) on her Instagram and blog.

  15. Kavita Donkersley

    Kavita Donkersley is SheWearsFashion, a Sheffield lady now living in London. She travels around the world with an amazing wardrobe and pictures all of us can only dream of taking. She owns her own blog and has been posting #OOTDs ever since she was 16 years old, so it’s a wonder to see her rise and evolve as a fashionista. Kavita’s best known for her bold and colorful looks, which are great combinations for whatever style she’s going for, which is always high street and luxury. But, you can always spot her with a Gucci bag!

  16. Natasha Ndlovu

    Natasha Ndlovu is a London-based model and blogger, now recognized worldwide from various publications because of her style and modeling career. What makes her such a success is how she’s able to look chic effortlessly, with simple outfits that successfully pull off the style she’s looking for. May it be edgy sports outfits or even dreamy ball gowns, she knows how to look amazing without trying. You can find her sharing style and beauty tips on both Instagram and her blog, which has almost 100,000 followers and viewers!

  17. Camille Charriere

    Camille Charriere is behind Over the Rainbow, an amazing blog all about fashion and lifestyle. She’s a Parisienne expat now living in London living the dream as a blogger and fashion influencer. The first thing you notice about her? Very long, slender legs that map her the natural model! She has a ton of outfit inspirations, with a combination of a French vibe, chic, and the unique personal style mixed with trends and brand lowdowns. You can follow her on Instagram and her blog, as well as purchase off her own clothing line!

  18. Allison Graham

    Allison Graham is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the many high-end, luxurious fashion bloggers out there. She’s a Jamaican menswear blogger from Brooklyn, with a unique sense of style. And honestly, she dons menswear so much better than many other men out there, mixing up patterns on dapper suits or wearing casual street styles while still looking amazing. She’s one of the LGBTQ bloggers who are really killing it in the fashion scene, going being fashion gender binaries and still looking good.

  19. Danielle Bernstein

    Danielle Bernstein is We Wore That, a New York-based blogger who has some of the coolest outfits that really fit the big apple! Many are able to get inspiration from her cool and clean outfits, which are easy (and affordable) to obtain. Her fashion blog, as well as her Instagram, is a creation to give daily doses of outfit inspirations for anyone in NYC. Her everyday outfits, as well as her experiences in NYC, are what help give some ideas for those running out of things to wear!

  20. Pandora Sykes

    Pandora Skyes is a writer, stylist, and was the former Features Editor from The Sunday Times Style. What many love about her is the sharp yet fun style she has to offer. She’s got a similar fashion sense as Diane Kreuger, offering the killer combo like patent bikers and vintage florals. It’s basically not what most people would think of, but she can pull it off. Her idea of fashion is also very beautiful, as she says fashion should never be a lone endeavor. And as you can see from her blog, it’s not just fashion, but a series of insightful posts!

  21. Tala Samman

    Tala Samman is the first-ever fashion blogger from the United Arab Emirates. She’s a Dubai-based blogger who was born in Chicago (with Syrian parents), taking on daring style combinations and amazing collaborations with many top brands. She loves to blog about fashion, travel, food, and beauty on her website, MyFashDiary. But when she isn’t doing that, she’s a DJ for festivals and fashion events. An amazing woman with so much talent!

  22. Rita Saraqi

    Rita Saraqi is a 23-year old living in Kosovo. She just began her blog about three years ago but has already gotten many partnerships and collaborations with brands like Benetton and Mango. But she isn’t just focused on fashion and style. She wants to share to the world all about her hometown, Kosovo. The way she shows Kosovo through her influence and writing is what makes her a must-follow, especially with her fresh take on fashion.

  23. Reese Blutstein

    Reese Blutstein’s blog, Double3xposure, is quite different. She uses the same vintage-inspired pieces, but puts a whole new twist to it, combining it with the idea of minimalism and head-turning casual wear people love. The 21-year-old blogger is still in college, which is why she focuses more on creating looks that are budget-savvy and suitable for a college student. Her amazing eye for making do with what she has and creating something amazing has caught the eyes of Gucci, Need Supply, and so many other high-end brands.

  24. Aleali May

    Aleali May is a super stylist who’s been tiling many celebs while being a model herself. From styling Kendrick Lamar down to modeling at the New York Fashion Week, she’s done it all and is part of that extremely high-end fashion scene. When she isn’t doing her day job, she’s always updating her blog, which has that cool and down-to-earth aesthetic which proves that high-fashion items CAN mix with the avant-garde streetwear pieces. While it’s quite a familiar formula, she still manages to make it new.

  25. Christine Andrew

    Another beautiful mom blogger and fashion influencer are Christine Andrew, who many of you might know from Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, or when she was featured on Who What Wear. Everyone loves her wardrobe and how effortlessly chic she is, but she’s mostly all about her family, who everyone loves just as much. Her blog is all about fashion and a bit of family life in-between. If you love elegance and high-fashion without having to go all out, Christine is a great muse.

  26. Kyrzayda Rodriguez

    Kyrzayda Rodriguez is an amazing blogger with a little bit of everything! She’s a full-time blogger and mom with spunk. With her job as both a mom and a blogger, you don’t know how she (and many other mommy bloggers) do it while looking so fabulous! Kyrzayda is known for her fierce haircut, as well as her very fit and healthy physique. On her blog and Instagram, she’s well known for her sartorial sense and wit. And her sense of fashion is simply amazing!

  27. Blair Eadie

    If you follow a lot of fashion bloggers, then you probably already know about the Atlantic Pacific. Blair Eadie, the founder of the blog, is a huge fashion icon, starting off in as a merchandiser in Gap Inc. just 11 years ago. As of today, she now has over one million followers on Instagram alone, and a lot more across her blog and social media accounts! You’ll see that her posts are all about her life in New York, with her dressed amazingly and usually in Tory Burch.

  28. Grasie Mercedes

    If you want a bit of everything, especially fashion, then you’re going to love to Style Me Grasie, a blog created by no other than Grasie Mercedes. Her stellar blog is filled with a ton of fashion, travel, beauty, and home inspirations, perfect for any lady out there! She’s a Dominican blogger and actress with quirky style filled with vibrant colors. Besides her clothes being the envy of many women, her hair is as beautiful as what she wears, full of curls and life!

  29. Tanesha Awasthi

    Tanesha Awasthi is another beautiful plus-sized fashion blogger, and one of the most popular ones you can find! Her blog, Girl With Curves, is all about outfit inspirations for those with bigger sizes, as well as a lot of advice on style and tutorial for makeup looks. Everyone will love how simple yet chic she looks whenever she pulls off an outfit. Plus, as a veteran writer, her blogs are so refreshing to read with a lot of personality and entertainment. Her Instagram fares the same.

  30. Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren

    Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren is a mother of two lovely children and also has a ton of styling credit and magazine features. With her two adorable children, she loves to dress them up, just as much as she loves dressing herself up as well! So expect a lot of outfit tips for both children and adults, as well as #OOTDs as a family. Her blog, THEFASHIONGUITAR, is all about her styles and also some mentioning of parenting. Her chic and luxurious style is what makes her such a great follow and inspiration.

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Wrapping It Up

Fashion blogging is no easy feat. It isn’t just about posting what your favorite outfits are for the season or reviewing beauty products. It’s also about editing your photos, writing great content, and sharing it to the world for everyone to see! That’s why fashion bloggers deserve the love and support.

I hope this article on the top 30 fashion bloggers gave you an idea about what they do and how much they make. So don’t wait any longer and follow any of these bloggers now!

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