The discussion around race and representation in media isn’t a new one. It’s still a conversation that has to be had and advanced. It’s still a systemic thorn in the side of the American people. 

The best way for anyone that’s not part of the Black American demographic to join the conversation and be part of the movement towards a more inclusive and diverse future is to simply listen. And learn. 

What better way than to hear directly from Black voices? 

Here are 9 Black American influencers we’re loving right now! 

#1 Elyse Fox AKA Sad Girls Club

Elyse Fox is a film director, producer, entrepreneur, and activist. Her activist platform profile, @SadGirlsClub, has over 263,000 followers while her personal profile, has a bit less with roughly 36,000 followers. 

Elyse released a documentary about living with her depression in 2017.  She was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of young women across the globe who craved a mentor that could help them in their own struggles. And so, the Sad Girls Club was born!

#2 Kehinde Smith

Originally from Chicago, the now London-based lifestyle influencer Kehinde Smith calls herself “Your Melanin Godmother.”She shares her luxurious, monochromatic content with her 160,000 Instagram followers @kehinde_smith and focuses on high fashion, art, beauty, and travel. 

Her romantic style makes you want to be where she is and wearing what she has on. She also has a YouTube channel featuring makeup, style, and hair tutorials with over 15,000 followers. 

#3 Tiffany Stuart AKA Well With Tiffany

Tiffany is a wellness-focused content creator, mom, and plant lover. Positioning herself as an “edutainer” and wellness coach, she shares practical and beautiful content @wellwithtiffany about gardening and spices, health and wellness, motherhood, and nutrition with her 14,000 Instagram followers. 

Tiffany is also active on Pinterest sharing recipes, homeopathic oil information, plant care, style, and parenting to over 12,000 followers. Her YouTube following is smaller at just over 5,000 followers but full of amazingly helpful tutorials and products. 

#4 Cara Lanelle 

@cara_lanelle is a digital creator specializing in home decor and interior design. Her bright, white, and functionally luxurious home photos induce “curl up with a book but in a ballgown” vibes. 

Cara showcases stunning decor and merch in her home with a few smatterings of date nights and Disney trips to her 39,000 Instagram followers heavily featuring her beautiful family of four.

#5 Kellie Brown AKA And I Get Dressed

Marketing executive turned tastemaker, the voluptuous and magnetic Kellie Brown self-identifies as a “connoisseur of cool.” This entrepreneur does it all!

Her personal profile on Instagram @itsmekellieb, has 150,000 followers who get to enjoy her busy and energetic lifestyle full of travel, plus-size fashion, home decor, and merch. She also founded @andidgetdressed that showcases inclusive fashion, as well as @AIDGhom (And I Get Dressed Home) highlighting home decor pieces. 

#6 Kache  AKA This Byrd’s Nest

Kache is a lifestyle content creator featuring her six children, including a set of triplets, to over 111,000 followers at @thisbyrdsnest. She focuses on motherhood, style, and faith with a hearty dose of beautifully curated family fun. 

Organization ideas, children’s parties, family vacations, and impeccable style define her content. On the family’s YouTube channel, her 5:30 am morning routine has over 2.6 million views with a channel subscription of over 87,000.

#7 Robby Novak AKA Kid President

You’ve probably seen this not-so-little-anymore guy’s cute face on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. He works in conjunction with writer and director Brand Montague and has over 343,000 followers on Twitter and 254,000 more on Instagram, both @iamkidpresident. 

Together, they’re out to change the world by spreading a message of kindness, love, and mutual awesomeness. Kid President is known for his pep talks about anti-bullying and self-identity.

#8 Angela Davis AKA The Kitchenista

Cookbook author, home cook, and mom, The Kitchenista cooks up some incredibly tasty-looking treats for her 174,000 followers on Instagram. She also creates restaurant reviews, kitchen organization, and must-have gadgets. 

#9 Paola “Pao Pao” Mathe AKA Finding Paola

“Perfection is boring. Life is art.” is Paola’s perfect description of her artist lifestyle content.  She creates a delightful juxtaposition between high fashion and raw motherhood with a side of self-care and travel. 

Her personal profile, @findingpaola, also features her own line of headwraps. Her brand, FANM DJANM, has its own 161,000 strong following at @fanmdjanm.

Listen to, learn from, and amplify these black voices with us!