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Feb 9, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

Digital Creators

It’s a digital world we live in and it’s the Digital Creators that make it go round. Creative geniuses to entrepreneurs, style gurus, travel ex-pats, designers, and more. These individuals make the digital world a colorful, cooler, and brighter place to be.

That is why I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Digital Creators from different verticals and backgrounds in hopes to inspire up and coming digital creators to help bring light to their creative genius!

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A post shared by Tezza (@tezza) on

Digital Creator @Tezza: 

Known for her creative genius, musical talent, and entrepreneurship, Tezza has taken the digital world by storm. Based in New York City, Tezza is the founder of two companies: Tezza App, where users can access premium filters and video effects, and Shop Tezza, an e-commerce store where consumers can purchase her latest sunglasses collection, wall collage kits, and so much more. 

Tezza shares her creative outlets with the world, outputting digital content that expresses vintage vibes mixed with gritty effects. Brands such as Prada, Urban Outfitters, and more collaborate with Tezza due to her creative eye, high-quality IGC, and engaged followers. 

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 If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, I’d suggest you hit the follow button for creative inspiration plus the latest filters and style collections.

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A post shared by Zach King (@zachking) on

Digital Creator @ZachKing:

If Digital Creators had a king it’d be Zach King. The master of storytelling through videos, his content is innovative and quite literally out of this world! You can find him collaborating with A-List celebrities, creating magical videos that impress audiences far and wide.

He started his journey as a Digital Creator when he was only 7! By his first year of college, he had his first video go viral online. From that moment on his following continued to grow more and more.

Now he owns his own agency, where they output high-end, innovative, and cutting-edge content for some of the biggest named brands today. If you hit up his site you will find his latest projects, insider videos, and merch shop. Follow his journey via Instagram and prepare yourself to be amazed!

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A post shared by Courtney Quinn Color Queen (@colormecourtney) on

Digital Creator @Colormecourtney:

Colormecourtney lives up to her Instagram handle! A glance at her Instagram timeline will show you just why. Infused with bright pinks, yellows, and blues, Colormecourtney hits every color in the spectrum through creative digital content that truly inspires!

Color Me Courtney was launched in 2009 with the intention to show the world a brighter, more colorful digital space, her dream world. She did just that and caught the eye of some of the world’s biggest brands including, Disney, Target, Nike, Dunkin Donuts, Maybelline, and more.

She has collaborated and aligned efforts with brands to develop product lines such as the perfect red lipstick “Color Me Confident” for Birchbox, sneakers for Adidas, two iPhone “Color Me Cases” for Fifth & Ninth, and a pair of “Color Me Keds”.

Give her a follow and be infused with daily inspiration plus colors that will brighten up your day and feed!

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A post shared by Joshua Kissi ?? (@joshuakissi) on

Digital Creator @Josefadamu:

Josef Adamu made it on our top list of Digital Creators for his innovative, eye-catching, and forward-thinking content! He is a Creative Director, entrepreneur, visual storyteller who has existed in the digital world for the last 10 years now. He has truly made an impact through his creative storytelling approach.

He is the founder of Sunday School, a creative agency that offers refreshing and innovative perspectives through digital content and branded experiences. Through the use of visual content and storytelling, he has brought the world impactful, thought-provoking content that highlights the black community.

His powerful visuals and the stories behind them make him a top digital creator! Give him a follow to stay up to date on his latest projects.

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A post shared by Quigley Goode (@officiallyquigley) on

Digital Creator @Officiallyquigley: 

An LA-based Digital Creator and Educator, Quigley Goode puts the creator in digital. She started her career in the world of influence with the intent to inspire and empower her followers to fully embrace their creative selves. She gives her followers tips from several different verticals including fashion, social media, modeling, and travel.

She is the founder of The Soulcial Media, a place and shop where users have access to courses, guides, coaching, and templates for all things social media. Her latest venture is the ‘Creator Bundle’ course in collaboration with top digital platforms specifically intended for digital creators who are seeking to improve their skills and stay in the know of the latest trends.

Head on over to her page, click the follow button, and get inspired and educated!

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A post shared by Julia Berolzheimer (@juliaberolzheimer) on

Digital Creator @Juliaberolzheimer:

Based in Charleston, NC, Julia Berolzheimer is a lifestyle influencer, digital creator, and entrepreneur who crafts content that fits perfectly in the southern living niche. Her eye for aesthetics, picturesque content, and the overall southern living vibe is how she gained such a large following!

She is the founder of Gal Meets Glam, a lifestyle brand that brings together a community of women through its classic, feminine aesthetic. Her site offers her followers the option to shop interior decor, southern fashion styles & a blog that keeps them up to date on the latest fashion trends.

High-end brands such as Nordstrom, Margaux, and Amanda Lindroth seek out Julia Berolzheimer for collaborations on high-quality content, style tips for their consumers, and brand partnerships. Give her a follow to add some southern style to your feed and to say up-to-date on her latest collaborations!

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A post shared by ✨Francesca✨ (@frankvinyl) on

Digital Creator @Frankvinyl:

Known for her photo editing skills, Frankvinyl is a top digital creator of inspiring and cutting edge content. She not only provides her followers with vibrant content but also tips and resources for beginner photographers and photo editors.

On top of being a pro photographer and editor, she is also a style guru, putting together fun, edgy outfits that followers can easily click to buy for themselves. Brands seek her out consistently to collaborate due to her high-quality content and relatable, digital personality!

When she isn’t focused on giving her followers the latest tips in photography she is managing her business Casa Brixe: A small, sustainable business that highlights and supports Mexican culture and community by supporting women artisans.

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A post shared by Chelsea H • Content Creator (@chelseaasoflate) on

Digital Creator @Chelseaasoflate:

A pro-photographer, trend-setter, and overall digital creator, @Chelseaasoflate made it on the top digital creator list due to her creative content, pro-tips and inspiring fashion finds! From her latest travels to her trending beauty tips, she creates a space for her followers to be a part of her daily, colorful life.

On her site, you can find her ‘favorite finds’ shop and her blog that covers her latest beauty, fashion, and travel ventures. She partners with brands that align with both her content output and following to ensure she is bringing them only the best products!

You can find her latest partnership with Pantene on both her Instagram and blog! Give her a follow to get inspired, get pro-tips, and get styled!

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A post shared by Janelle Marie Lloyd (@waityouneedthis) on

Digital Creator @Waityouneedthis: 

Based in New York City, Digital Creator, Janelle Marie Lloyd is known for her fashion-forward mindset and creative content output. She has worked for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, and Bloomingdales.

Knowing she had more to offer, Janelle launched Wait, You Need This to share her personal style, shopping advice, and love of interiors to those seeking style advice.

She has grown her following to over 100K and has brands seeking her out consistently to collaborate on creative content output for IGC and to bring the latest fashion and interior trends to her followers.

If you head on over to her site you will find her latest fashion finds, style advice, and interior decor!

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A post shared by ᐁ Velvet Sugar ᐃ (@taryndudley) on

Digital Creator @Taryndudley:

An LA-based digital creator, Taryn Dudley’s vintage, bubbly, and fun content is an inspiration to all! Her style, her photography skills, and her lifestyle blog pull in followers from all over. She is a creative genius in the digital world and shares her unique style to aspiring photographers, fashion connoisseurs, and younger generations (Gen Z).

Due to her high-quality content output brands such as Pantene, Nike, and more create collaborative partnerships with Taryn for not only high-quality IGC but her authentic, relatable vibe that targets the younger demographic.

If you hit up her site you will find well-curated pages that flow through her everyday inspiration, latest blog posts, and shoppable closet wardrobe! She is a digital creator that we recommend you hit the follow button for to enhance your feed with a color palette that truly stands out and inspires.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re a digital creator seeking inspiration or a brand marketer seeking out your next collaboration, knowing who’s the who of digital creators helps you stay in the know of what is trending!

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Chris Jacks is an influencer marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing sphere. As the Director of Growth Strategy, Chris oversees and drives strategic initiatives to fuel business expansion. With a keen eye for market trends and opportunities, Chris develops comprehensive growth plans and aligns business objectives across cross-functional teams. With a strong focus on crafting impactful, ROI-driven influencer campaigns across multiple sectors, Chris utilizes his expertise to enhance market positioning and maximize results.

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