There’s no denying that a lot of people love to play video games, whether it’s from PC or on consoles. In fact, it’s become such a hobby to the point it becomes a profession and competition for many. Not only are there gaming competitions, but gaming influencers who advertise and talk about their gaming lifestyle through live-streaming, reviewing the games they play offers by gaming companies.

You’ll be surprised that these gaming influencers are paid big bucks for their passion. Through their gaming expertise and popularity, many companies reach out to advertise their products! Wondering how much they’re paid? Read on as I show you the top 15 gaming influencers!


Why Hire Gaming Influencers, Anyway?


Have you ever thought about why popular gaming influencers make so much money? (Read our post on the highest-paid influencers for additional context)Well, let me tell you, it isn’t just from the platform they use, but by the marketers and companies they collaborate with! There are so many opportunities for gamers to become influencers and gain opportunities to collaborate and earn with their popularity and niche.
It has you wonder, whether you’re part of a company or an influencer yourself, why is investing in gaming influencers such a huge hit? Here several reasons why:

  1. Millions of People Play Games Today

    You’ll be surprised to know that there are millions of streamers each DAY, with billions of views on all gaming-related videos monthly on Twitch and YouTube alone. People tend to think that gamers are only a small group, when there are in fact, millions of people worldwide who love gaming, who watch gamers, and are influenced by what they use even outside the gaming industry. Because of this, many marketers of niches that range from food to tech can take advantage of the vast audience.

  2. You Target a Specific Audience

    Through gaming, you’ll be able to target specific audiences of your niche, or audiences you are unable to reach through more traditional or common marketing strategies. Another huge plus is that you can target the younger generation, from teenagers to millennials. With many people of this age bracket being interested in gaming and tech industries, bringing in interesting advertising and marketing campaigns can improve your brand awareness, having more people see what you have to offer.

  3. Viewers Are More Engaged With Influencers

    There are thousands of successful influencers today and for a reason. Many companies choose to work with influencers because they provide genuine engagement compared to traditional advertising campaigns. This is because their followers and viewers are more enticed with influencers reviewing and talking about your brand, compared to feeling forced to look at your brand from print or digital advertisements. Through a good influencer, you’re able to increase conversions!

  4. Receive Reviews to Help Improve Your Brand

    Usually, influencers are hired to share your product and give their own reviews on it for more genuine content. Because of this, you’re able to receive feedback from influencers who have the knowledge and expertise with your brand or product. This means you’re able to get constructive criticism, which helps you find ways to improve your product or service for audiences. Remember to take all these constructive feedback professionally!

  5. Gain More Engagement and Reach

    You have the target audience from gaming influencers, which is very helpful for your brand. You’ll have a wider reach with influencers, who share your brand to even more people you wouldn’t be able to connect with if it weren’t for the influencers you hire.As a result, you receive more engagement which can help your brand grow, more potential sales, and a new network you can connect with.

  6. So Many Opportunities To Invest In Gaming Influencers

    There are so many opportunities and ways you can partner with gaming influencers to get a good shootout for your brand. It isn’t just by implementing advertisements with their videos, but by also partnering with them for giveaways, discount codes, or even reviews or sponsoring their events and the like. Each strategy has excellent results, depending on your goals. The opportunities here are limitless and costs can be negotiated as well.


The Top 15 Gaming Influencers


If you want to learn more about gaming influencers and how much they make, here are the top 15 gaming influencers to look up to:

  1. PewDiePie

    You probably already know PewDiePie, one of the most popular gaming influencer millions know around the world. Currently, he has around 57 million subscribers and at least 16 billion views across all his videos! And at one point, he was the top paid influencer in YouTube, comparing it ALL niches and YouTubers. Even until now, he’s still considered as one of the top gaming influencers on YouTube.While he’s still influential, his reputation has fallen a bit recently due to some videos which contain sensitive content. However, you can still expect a ton of informative and hilarious gaming videos with his expertise and reviews!

  2. Jacksepticeye

    Jacksepticeye is the top Irish gaming influencer, with over 16 million followers and eight billion views all over his videos on YouTube. Besides being a gaming influencer, he’s a vlogger and voice actor as well, which is also where he gets his extra income and popularity.While PewDiePie would create funny content with a few random spins to it, Jacksepticeye is more focused on doing video reviews and informative commentaries on ANY game out there. He doesn’t have a specific genre of games he reviews, which is probably what makes him very popular to all gamers of any type of niche.

  3. SkyDoesMinecraft

    If you don’t know it by now, one of the top games many gaming influencers and bloggers play (and get popular from!) is Minecraft. So many people, including children, are into this fun game, which is why many of influencers choose to do at least one video on it, or even create an entire brand on it like what SkyDoesMinecraft does! He was one of the biggest gaming influencers on Minecraft, with almost 12 million subscribers and over three billion views across all his YouTube videos. But for the past few months, he has quit creating videos on SkyDoesMinecraft (for now).

  4. SSSniperWolf

    You might think that most of the top gaming influencers are men, but that’s not the case! There are just as many successful and highly-rated female gaming influencers out there, and SSSniperWolf is one of them! She’s a UK-based gaming influencer and the top one on YouTube.SSSniper currently has over six million subscribers, over one billion views, and what’s her usual topic? Of course, Call of Duty! Based on her username alone, you can tell she loves POV shooting games. Expect other videos and vlogs as well, they’re also pretty great because she has such a hilarious and peppy personality!

  5. Seananners

    Seananners is another YouTuber who has almost 6 million subscribers and over two billion views on his YouTube channel. He’s another one of the top gaming influencers, focusing more on reviewing various games across his channel. He’s also a commentator and has collaborated with other gaming influencers and personalities, such as VanossGaming, Tom Cassell, Markiplier, and more! However, his favorites (or at least, most focused games) include Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto. These are the top three favorite games of many, so that might be a reason why he loves reviewing any of these three installments.

  6. TheSyndicateProject

    A lot of people also like watching walkthroughs, which give them an expectation on what the game is like, how to play it, and how to get unstuck from a certain part of a game they’re currently playing. So if you’re looking for someone who puts out successful walkthroughs of games, then you’ll like TheSyndicateProject.He has a play-thru of games like Halo or Call of Duty, having over ten million subscribers. In fact, he was the first gamer ever to get over a million followers on Twitch, another platform for game streaming! You can say he’s one of the original top gaming influencers out there.

  7. iHasCupcake

    Another grab gaming influencer is iHasCupcake. But just like many other gaming influencers out there, they don’t just focus on gaming videos. What many subscribers love about iHasCupcake is that she has such a bubbly personality and the cute vibe that’s a refresher from other more dark or boyish themes. Not only does she post reviews and walkthroughs of games she’s played, but she also has her own personal vlog of other genres, including baking recipes and DIY projects. The combination of gaming and baking (two very different interests!) is what has helped her become the popular influencer she is today!

  8. TobyGames

    TobyGames is actually more than just one of the top gaming influencers out there. He’s the 100th most subscribed channel on YouTube (the 12th most subscribed gaming channel), with almost seven million subscribers and almost two billion views on his videos! What makes him so popular?He’s known for his videos on Minecraft, Happy Wheels, Slender, Walking Dead, and Skyrim. He also plays GTA, AC4, and even has a series of shorts he calls, “TobyGames Highlights,” which shows all his funniest moments caught on camera. If you want laughs and entertainment as you watch someone play games, he’s the one to watch.

  9. KSI

    KSI is a gaming influencer but has now shifted to the music industry. However, he still does gaming-related videos from time to time and continues to use his YouTube channel for many other entertaining videos, which is what makes him a successful gaming influencer with over four billion video views and over 19 million subscribers! He’s known best for his commentaries on FIFA games and is now currently popular for his music, sports, and reaction videos to various popular videos. His wit and hilarious jokes are what has him continue to stay on the top list of gaming influencers!

  10. Simon Minter

    Simon Minter is also known as miminter, one of the top gaming influencers best known for FIFA commentaries. He has over six million YouTube subscribers and has also collaborated with other gaming influencers for his commentaries, including KSI! He was one of the members of Sidemen, a hilarious group of people who post challenges and other variety of videos. He’s also known for his other vlogs, and because of this, he has a net worth of about $5 million! Expect not only FIFA commentaries and vlogs, but also has another channel where he posts other games fans request him to play.

  11. Ali-A

    For those who love Call of Duty (which is most likely millions of people worldwide), the Ali-A is the gaming influencer for you. He has over nine million subscribers on YouTube and is well known for his Call of Duty walkthroughs and gameplays. But he doesn’t just play this game! While his main focus is on the installment, he sometimes branches out to different games. But it’s how he sticks to one game and his expertise on it that makes him one of the top gaming influencers around. He has that balanced combination of seriousness and expertise, while still being witty!

  12. VanossGaming

    VanossGaming is an inspirational gaming influencer, at least to many aspiring gamers and YouTubers out there who want to become successful in vlogging! He actually left college from the University of Pennsylvania, with the dreams of becoming a gaming influencer. It’s such a risky move, but it’s paid off and has gotten him over 21 million subscribers, a ton of views on his videos, a great reputation as a vlogger and influencer, as well as a gig voicing a character found on a cartoon in YouTube Red. He’s one of the prime examples of taking a risk to reach your dreams.

  13. W2S

    Another excellent YouTuber known for FIFA videos and commentaries is W2S. He’s well-known for his many FIFA videos and vlogs, and he’s very close with YouTuber KSI. Collaborating with KSI and doing video takedowns with him is what also makes him very popular, with over 11 million subscribers to date. You can also find him in other collaboration videos with fellow gaming influencers (and is a part of Sidemen), taking on hilarious challenges. Besides creating an income from his FIFA videos, he also has another YouTube channel where he plays random games as requested by his subscribers.

  14. The Gaming Theorists

    The Game Theorists put a whole new spin to the usual gaming videos we see online. They don’t just do the usual reviews, walkthroughs, or commentaries, but they focus more on thinking about the theories and stories behind the game. They delve deeper into what’s said about a game, dissecting every detail to know more on what it’s about! And amazingly, this “genre” of gaming video works, as it’s given them nine million active subscribers and millions of views! It’s given a ton of things to think about for avid gamers because of it.

  15. Smosh Games

    Smosh is one of the most known YouTubers since the early 2000s, with many calling them the OG team of YouTubers and influencers. They have Smosh Games, their seventh channel that focuses more on gaming and the like. What people love most about it is that they still have their hilarious personality and comedic acts to their gaming videos, which is what makes it a popular YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, they have stopped posting videos since the beginning of 2019, though they are still being watched by their many subscribers up until now! See our post on the top twitch influencers.


How to Become a Gaming Influencer


Becoming a gaming influencer isn’t just about setting up your account and hoping for the best. If you want to be successful and start earning as a gamer, you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing and how to begin! With that being said, here are some tips that can help you get started:

  1. Choose Your Area Of Expertise

    For starters, look into your area of expertise. There is more than one topic when it comes to gaming, and you want to make sure that you choose the area where you are most comfortable and knowledgeable in!

    • You can choose to do tutorials for games, such as walkthroughs or ways to improve.
    • Trivia channels are great for showing more information about a game, sharing your knowledge and research to inform people more about how the game was made or any fun facts.
    • Commentary channels are similar to live streaming of games, where you are playing a game and adding a commentary, where you can add your story or tidbits of the game
    • Comedy channels are popular and include hilarious highlight clips.
  2. Begin Building Your Channel

    When you’ve already figured out what you want to do for your channel, the next thing to do is to set it up and build it for more people to check out. Start creating your account and provide enticing channel art and a profile picture. Consider creating creative intro videos, logos, and other designs as well. (, before you begin monetizing, you have to have a backlog of content, which will provide more views, feedback, and ways to grow.

  3. Take Feedback Professionally

    When growing your audience, expect to receive a lot of feedback from your viewers. Some may be good, some may be bad. However, you shouldn’t be offended by constructive criticism and use it to grow as a content creator. This helps you know what you need to do to improve and create the more interesting content all viewers will want to continue subscribing to. You can also get advice from other YouTubers on how to improve your content.

  4. Create Your Voice and Monetize

    Once you have a backlog of successful videos and have a good following, then it’s time to start monetizing your account. Whether you’re on Twitch or YouTube, get the partner status and enable monetization. You can also begin to reach out the brands and companies if you want to collaborate, which helps you get your name out there, too. Just make sure that you have a good number of views and loyal following.

  5. Stay Updated and Continue to Research

    Just because you’ve already created the great content and have a following doesn’t mean you have to stick with the old things you always do. As a content creator, you’ll have to get used to change and a lot of it. To learn more about the new content you can do, you have to do research and stay updated. Have a strategy, follow trends and do what you can to improve your videos!

  6. Engage With Other YouTubers

    Engaging with below YouTubers and your audience is a great way to show authenticity as a content creator. You’re a part of a huge community, even bigger than the top gaming influencers. Because of this, learn to reach out to them, to learn from them and even collaborate to create amazing content your audiences will love to watch. it’s a great way to improve your channel!

  7. Work With Passion and Be Unique

    Last but not least, you always have to work with passion in mind. How else can you continue enjoying what you do and reaping the benefits of it without the love of creating content? Make sure that you don’t only add your personality and love to it, but the unique twist that makes your channel yours. That way, you’ll always continue to enjoy your job and grow your career as a gaming influencer!

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Wrapping It Up

Through the power of influencing and technology, gaming influencers are able to share their thoughts on newly-released games and gadgets made for all gamers alike. It’s the reason why they’re paid by the millions every year for their work! It’s awesome to see people paid well for their passion, may it be from playing video games or vlogging about it.

Hopefully, this article on the top 15 gaming influencers and the reasons why to hire them gave you an idea of why these people reached to where they are now. So if you want to follow suit, start gaining experience as a gamer now!

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