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What Is the Premise Behind Influencer Marketing?

Exploring the principles and the premise behind influencer marketing. Photo by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash What is the premise behind influencer marketing? What are the underlying principles and truths that all the best influencer marketing campaigns share? Things like reach and scope certainly spring to mind. But once we factor in aspects like authenticity, trust, and connection, the reality becomes a little more complex. So let’s take a look. Read on…

10 influencer marketing benefits to boost sales

10 Influencer Marketing Benefits to Boost Sales Exploring the top influencer marketing benefits. Photo by Liza Summer Influencer marketing has really blown up in recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in 2024! This is a market that tripled in value between 2019 and 2023, and is expected to hit $24 billion this year. But what kind of influencer marketing benefits can you expect from your strategy? What…

The Benefits of TikTok Shop: Why Your Business Needs This Social Selling Channel

To say TikTok has taken over the world is probably an overstatement… but only a little bit of an overstatement. In just a few short years, TikTok has gone from a social media outlier with a name that sounds like a Ke$ha track, to a global online community with hundreds of millions of active users around the globe. Something with this much reach is always going to be a marketing…

Mastering Social Media Shifts: Insider Tips for Sustainable Influencer Marketing Success

One of the biggest lessons of embracing technology and innovation, whatever the industry, is that change is constant. The same holds true for social media marketing, where staying ahead of the curve is crucial if you’re looking to make some noise, connect with your audience, and keep them engaged. This year, in particular, platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to shift in major ways, presenting challenges and opportunities for marketers. So,…

Navigating Influencer and UGC Marketing: A Guide for Beauty Brands in 2024

The Impact of Influencers in the Beauty Industry The influencer marketing industry has undergone rapid evolution and expansion since its inception. With consumers increasingly inclined to purchase products they see on social media, marketers now allocate 40% of their budgets to influencer marketing. Beauty brands, in particular, have embraced influencer marketing due to the visual and aesthetic nature of their products. Partnering with trusted influencers allows these brands to create…
How Do Social Media Algorithms Work

How Do Social Media Algorithms Work?

Social media algorithms are the backbone of social networks and organize the incredible volume of content according to the needs of users. That’s great for users, but brands and influencers face challenges in trying to understand algorithms and gain a strategic advantage. To make things more difficult, each platform has its own ever-changing algorithm quirks and ranking signals that mean the difference between visibility and fading into obscurity. Knowing the…
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List of Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses

For businesses, using social media and a solid social media marketing campaign is a major contributing factor for increased business success and, therefore, profits. However, if you’re like the majority of business owners, you probably don’t have a whole lot of free time on your hands with which you can develop and implement a social media marketing campaign; instead, you’re probably already swamped, and the thought of fitting one more thing…
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