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Apr 25

Influencer Spotlight: Kathryn Morgan – Ballet, Beauty, Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder how YouTube stars become famous, or why influencers are loved by their fans?  We click through random images on Instagram that have no relevant meaning to our daily lives and wonder how influencers get their name, let alone get paid. Then you read a story like Kathryn Morgan’s. After reading this month’s

Apr 6

Do Influencers’ Rising Rates Match ROIs and Brand Expectations?

Back in 2012, unless you were part of an elite circle of need-to-know marketers and exclusive brands, the term “influencer marketing” fell on deaf ears.  The general population hadn’t caught on to the trend and marketers were still slow to learn about the industry that was teeming with opportunity.  Even in the past few years

Mar 27

Spotlight Interview: The Taylor House, Home-Grown Food & Travel Influencer

The idea of starting a career as an influencer seems completely out of reach to many.  It is our hope that the Spotlight Interview features on this blog offer a more relatable side to life as an influencer, but we recognize that many of the interviewees are larger than life and have reached a near-celebrity

Feb 27

Spotlight Interview: Famous Travel Couple Setting the Bar for Influencers

Most of us spend our lives longing to take the ultimate dream vacation to a resort in the Maldives before they are submerged under the sea for eternity, or visit the luxurious beaches in Tanzania before setting off for a brave climb in Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Have you ever wondered what it would take for you

Feb 16

Will the Real Influencers Please Stand Up? Identifying Fake vs. Real Influencers

Hop on Instagram any second of the day and immediately one can be dazzled by sparkling images, filled with beautiful people whose profile glimmers with gold.  These images make up the profiles that promise strong ROI’s. If only influencer marketing were as simple as a nice, neat, high follower count.  1.2M sounds so sweet but

Feb 7

Choosing the Influencer Agency for your Brand

Using an Influencer marketing agency is a potent, effective way to market your business.  That’s because it is the single best way to reach your customers today, so why attempt to run a campaign when too many competitors are likely already taking your business by utilizing expert agencies? The Basics: A whopping 92% of people trusting recommendations from

Jan 24

#ENDITMovement Influencers Shining a Light on Slavery

When most of us hear the word slavery, images and thoughts come rushing to mind but rarely do they include modern-day visions of slaves.  That’s because we think slavery couldn’t possibly exist today.  Think again. END IT Movement is working to change the belief that slavery was abolished many decades ago.  The #ENDITMovement is “a Coalition

Jan 18

Spotlight Interview: Celebrity Travel Influencer – Adventure Girl, Stef Michaels

This month we had the opportunity to sit down with “America’s Tweetheart” Stef Michaels, known by her fans as Adventure Girl.  Famous journalist and spokesperson featured in magazines from TIME to Glamour she is adored by her fans.  Stef’s ability to engage as both a celebrity and the girl-next-door is endearing, but her adventurous nature is what’s

Jan 18

The Unconventional Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2017

As 2016 drew to a close, the world of influencers, brands, and influencer marketing agencies didn’t seem to notice. They were busy posting epic content and preparing for the year ahead.  This powerhouse industry achieved multi-billion dollar profits in 2016 (eMarketer) and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Word-of-mouth marketing, also known as influencer

Dec 22

Spotlight Interview: Artist and Influencer Todd Carey

Ending the year on a high note we had the opportunity to sit down with Todd Carey, the up-and-coming musician and artist for our last interview of the year.  You probably recognize his recent throwback hit, Nintendo but if you don’t, you will soon enough.  This rising star’s eclectic reggae, dubstep, and pop music draw the